Can not boot a windows image with qemu

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I am testing OpenStack in VirtualBox and I want to launch a windows instance with the image from Cloudbase. However, the image can not boot successfully. The console show: windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the case. To fix the problem: ... Status 0xc0000001 ...

I also try to make a windows image myself as the User Guides shows. And my image gets the Error Code 0x0000005d.

The nova-compute.conf in the compute nodes: [libvirt] virt_type=qemu

Someone says change "qemu" to "kvm" will fix this. But I am running the OpenStack in VisualBox and if I change it, I will get another error.

Does anybody know how to launch a windows instance with the OpenStack in VisualBox?

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回答 2016-05-20 03:11:08 -0500

Openstack use virtio to provide the block devices, but windows doesn't support virtio by default. Virtio has a good I/O performance, but you need to install the driver in windows. If you don't care the performance, just do the feature tests, you can use ide instead of virtio. Follow the steps: 1. Add a metadata for the windows image in glance, the key is "hw_disk_bus", and the value is "ide". (Through CLI or dashboard) 2. Create a new instance by this image.

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