Why fuel use ruby, rather than python?

提问于 2015-08-07 10:12:59 -0600

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I delpoyed openstack by Fuel master, using HA. At first I deployed several controllers, and later delete one by one, until only one controller is left. Then when I deployed a compute node, the Fule deployment-data offered "controller" hash-key, not "primary-controller", but "cluster-ha.pp" in compute node want "primary-controller" hash-key in the fuel-settings, and the deploy-process failed.

So I want modify the ruby code in fule master, want to know where the "primary-controller" or "controller" hash-key is set. But each time I change the ruby code, I must restart docker service to let the modification go into effect. After the command "service docker restart", I must wait about half an hour for the service to started.

Whey the docker service so slowly to restart? And after all the openstack code is developed by python, why the fuel deployment code is not developed by python, but by ruby?

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