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2015-02-19 10:59:18 -0600 commented answer In Swift, which server point uses most Bandwidth ?

But if I am using 3 DCs, they wont provide private network to each other, so only other option would be to use public network. Do you recommend setting up a proxy on each of those 3 DCs then or what ?

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2015-02-19 05:31:21 -0600 asked a question No replication or single replica

Is it possible to start with having only 1 replica or no replication ? Right now, my data is not that important so I want to use as much disk space as I can, thus don't need replication. In future when I have more servers or disks, I would want 3 or 2 or 4 replicas and want to switch to that. Is that possible ?

If so, do I just use set_replicas 1 and rebalance and then in future use same command with 3 replicas and rebalance ?

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2015-02-18 12:07:34 -0600 commented answer In Swift, which server point uses most Bandwidth ?

Well yeah I am aware if I use private network, then the bandwidth wouldn't matter much and most probably not charged. However, in case of multi-region and multiple location datacenters, private network is not possible so will have to rely on public bandwidth.

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2015-02-18 10:39:11 -0600 commented answer In Swift, which server point uses most Bandwidth ?

erm.. so means to upload a 100GB file, 200GB total bandwidth would be used ? Sounds quite hectic for limited bandwidth servers and can scale bandwidth costs quite a lot. When uploading/sending a file, does it get uploaded to proxy server first ? I meant to ask, does proxy server having 1Gbps network

2015-02-18 10:37:24 -0600 commented answer Backup proxy server ?

Thanks, I was earlier planning for a simple backup and restore but now I am actually thinking to host my controller and swift proxy server on a Proxmox VM, that way I can backup the whole VM's image itself and restore it when needed. Does it sound proper ?

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2015-02-18 05:32:29 -0600 asked a question Backup proxy server ?

I know its advised to run on 2 proxy servers, but in case someone is using a single proxy server, how can one be prepared if that server fails or crashes ? Do doing backup of /etc/swift be sufficient and restoring it on a new server ?

How can I be prepared incase my proxy server fails ?

2015-02-18 05:30:18 -0600 asked a question In Swift, which server point uses most Bandwidth ?

Considering one has a normal Openstack Swift structure consisting of 1xSwiftProxyServer and 2xSwiftStorageServers, which of them will consume the most bandwidth when doing file transfers ?

Suppose if you upload 100GB and download 50GB, I assume storage servers will do consume 150GB Bandwidth. But would Proxy server aswell consume 150GB bandwidth (aka effective bandwidth consume almost double)

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2015-02-12 23:25:44 -0600 asked a question Necessary to mount a partition for swift ?

For swift storage nodes, is it necessary that you create a new partition of xxGB and mount it as a mount point of its own ?

If I have 1TB on my mount point /, can't I just create /srv/node without creating a unique partition for it and use the storage node ? And in case if you do need a partition for mount point, is it safe to create a partition within my 1TB / partition ?