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2015-02-10 03:24:59 -0500 asked a question Issues creating environment

I'm trying to create an environment to test "everything" regarding OpenStack in Virtualbox. To succeed that mission I'm following a guide where I have to setup everything manually ([]). By now I've completed installing MAAS, created a superuser, imported bootimages, loging into the server through the browser, configured a cluster and configured a clustercontroller.

Here's where my setup doesn't fit the guide I found. Under the "Clusters"-tab it says "0 pending clusters" and "1 accepted cluster". But it's NOT connected or any managed interfaces or nodes. If I click the cluster to set it up it states: Clustername: "Cluster master" Status: "accepted" DNSzone: "maas" Interfaces: "eth0 eth0 Unmanaged"

If I try to configure the interface by seting routerIP and scope of IPs I recieve the error "Error: unable to connect 'Cluster master' (4e855224-da78-4bd2-9961-2c6a91e5484b); no connections available."

How do I fix this?

I'm not able to complete any further steps in the guide as I haven't got any nodes either. And I can't add a node manuelly either as the dropdownbox of releases has NO options in it. Powermanagement the same and so forth.

How am I to advance?

Thanks in advance!

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2015-02-09 06:58:53 -0500 commented answer Initial setup

Arh, I feel silly now :-/ It totally worked. I just had to type the url in capital letters. And I spend several hours speculating about the solution.

Well, thanks anyway ;-)

2015-02-09 05:40:23 -0500 asked a question Initial setup

I'm trying to setup a complete OpenStack-environment and I'm using several guides to do it. But this time I can't even login to the MAAS-page. Whenever I try "" I get the message "404 Not Found". So I tried to figure out some solutions through some troubleshootingguides. But no luck here either. For instance I made sure that the apache2-service is running. So this isn't the problem. If made sure that the firewall isn't blocking anything. The firewall isn't even active.

Just before posting this message I found out that the apache2-server wasn't running. So I made it running but I'm still getting the errormessage when trying to access IS working, though.

Please help me toward a solution :-(