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2015-02-01 07:07:37 -0600 asked a question How to give internet access to my instances

Hello to everyone! I'm pretty new to OpenStack, and I'm trying it right now on a single server (I haven't got other machines to work on).

I followed this guide to install it: (

The installation went great, I've got my OpenStack installed on the server with everything working (nova, keystone, glance, etc.) and now I'm fighting with networking. In particular, I can't figure how should I set networks, routers and so on in order to give internet access to the instances that I create: I'd like to have internet on them and be able to ping/ssh them from the outside. I'm not an expert in networking... so I don't know how to set exactly how to set floating IPs, subnets, gateways, etc. My server IP is a standard 192.168.0.x. OpenStack inner net is

Thanks to everyone!