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Hi All,

I am a newbie to Openstack and I currently want to set up Openstack on my Office network. I have been going through the documentation of the OpenStack, I would like to set up it on using two machines one for Controller node and the other one for Compute node which would hosts virtual machines.

This is the Network i need to setup on
router with lan ip + public ip 122.169.x.x with DHCP enabled on it ( to server1 with ip ( for Controller node) server2 with ip 10.0.060 ( compute node).

Both the servers have a single nic card.

My question is can we setup Openstack in the existing private network on the machines with single network card and I want the virtual machines to get the ips from the Router

please send me some useful links if this configuration can be possible if not properly guide me with any url or blogs you have.