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2015-10-08 03:11:57 -0500 answered a question Floating ips not reacheable

Better late than never. I thought I had replied. Thanks for your answers. I managed to configure exactly the same setup on a physical box and it worked. I am quite sure that the promiscuous mode was the problem but unfortunately I had no rights on the vmware vswitch

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2014-11-10 21:03:19 -0500 asked a question Floating ips not reacheable

Hope you can help me. I am blind looking at docs and testing things but I cannot make my packstack instances being seen outside the host. I am not either a network expert

Using ESXi to install packstack --allinone --provision-all-in-one-ovs-bridge=n

I am using an existing network but I just want to use few ips on that range

All connections between instances and host work fine, but I cannot reach the instances from outside, and once inside the instance, I cannot ping any system in the network but (the main HOST).

| ID | Name | Status | Task State | Power State | Networks
| ea123ee7-1871-4d64-8d5f-6fae6e95f6e5 | first | ACTIVE | - | Running | private=,

| 84dbc745-b710-41b7-8bc6-44e7ae8d5222 | second | ACTIVE | - | Running | private=,

After reading "Step 10. Getting VMs to Communicate with the Outside World" in I could confirm that it looks fine but I configured the NAT part at the end but it didn't work either.

A funny thing is that when I ping one of the floating-ip addresses, the tcpdump registers the arp and provides the right MAC.

could it be that VMware vSwitch is droping the packages ?

18:32:22.421447 ARP, Ethernet (len 6), IPv4 (len 4), Request who-has tell, length 46
18:32:22.421836 ARP, Ethernet (len 6), IPv4 (len 4), Reply is-at fa:16:3e:0a:3f:85, length 28

And this is the part of the router

#  ip netns exec qrouter-058bf59c-aebd-48d0-b9a2-cb2c205220ab ifconfig qg-a595574c-1f
qg-a595574c-1f Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr FA:16:3E:0A:3F:85
          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:

Thanks in advance