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2014-12-08 09:14:06 -0500 commented answer How to change hostname of instance

I understand how to set the hostname when creating an instance from your explanation. Once an instance has been created, I can't see a way to add cloud-init scripts in horizon. Is there a way using the command line?

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thanks Prateek, that makes sense. What about an instance that has already been created? Can you add cloud-init scripts then?

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thanks for the reply. Where do the User data scripts go? Somewhere on the instance itself? If so, where does cloud-init get the original hostname from?

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2014-12-08 04:33:08 -0500 asked a question How to change hostname of instance

How can I change the hostname of an instance I've created through the horizon gui? I've tried changing /etc/hostname and rebooting, but the instance always comes back up with the original hostname. Also, changing the instance name in horizon doesn't affect the hostname. I assume that cloud-init is setting the hostname, but I don't know where it gets the information from or how to change it. I am using Juno release of openstack.

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Please can you give more details? I am trying to do something similar: I have a VIP managed by pacemaker on my cluster of Openstack instances (using the IPaddr2 resource), which can't be pinged. Running nova fixed-ip-reserve <ip> just gives "ERROR: Fixed IP <ip> not found (HTTP 404)".