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2014-11-23 13:21:12 -0500 answered a question Can't start up VMs when flavor is bigger than Small

This is because of you machine resources. I think your machine doesn't have bigger flavor resources.

You can figure out the exact issue in nova-scheduler log. And also check you disk space using df -h, RAM using free commands.

2014-11-21 04:27:13 -0500 answered a question ERROR: Not found (HTTP 404)

This is the problem with RabbitMQ service on your environment.

You can restart it using "service rabbitmq-server restart" and then check the status of it "service rabbitmq-server status"

2014-11-21 01:27:31 -0500 answered a question Unable to install openstack in ububtu12.04

Hi Abhilash,

First of all Welcome to OpenStack. Below document explains how to install ICEHOUSE version of OpenStack on Ubutnu 12.04 / 14.04

First you need Ubuntu 12.04 installed on your two nodes. Then you can use this Guide.

Is you face any issues you can freely contact:

If necessary I will share my contact number through email.

2014-11-21 00:56:34 -0500 answered a question nova baremetal-node-list throws HTTP 500 error.

Yes you are absolutely right, Defna Ron also raised bug on this, below is the link:

2014-11-21 00:51:37 -0500 answered a question Nova instance creation 500 error

Are you able to see compute service in "nova-manage service list"

First try and and also check nova-compute.log on compute node.

2014-11-21 00:41:42 -0500 commented answer keystone-manage db_sync won't create tables in mysql?

Yeah and where ever you see like =<some value=""> in the documentation. Check if that variable is already present in that configuration file or not. If it is present then MODIFY it, it that is not present then add it.

Also make sure you are adding to the correct block in the configuration file.

2014-11-21 00:07:19 -0500 answered a question keystone-manage db_sync won't create tables in mysql?

That means it is using SQLIte as back-end.

Make sure "connection" string in "/etc/keystone/keystone.conf" configured properly. And also check there should be only one connection variable, and that too under the database block.

If you are not able to figure it out, then paste you configuration file.

2014-11-18 08:46:02 -0500 commented answer Nova-network in single-host mode

For single node also we need to follow the same except multi-node option.

2014-11-18 08:02:23 -0500 answered a question nova-manage service list status XXX

This is due to RabbitMQ Configuration in nova.conf file.

So please verify the rabbit_host rabbit_password

in nova.conf file and restart the services

2014-11-18 07:59:30 -0500 answered a question Nova-network in single-host mode

To service IP address to the instances, we need dnsmasq

2014-11-17 23:29:27 -0500 commented answer Nova-compute failure due to libvirt

Check if this helps to solve your problem.

2014-11-17 23:26:34 -0500 commented answer service failure after reboot

Cool. Devstack is little bit different.

To restart the services we need to run "" script in "devstack" folder.

Let us suppose your devstack user name is "stack", then

su stack cd devstack ./

Note: Before running that, make sure MySQL, RabbitMQ, Httpd running.

2014-11-17 12:06:28 -0500 answered a question Nova-compute failure due to libvirt

Check the status of libvirt-bin service. Using

service libvirt-bin status

Restart the service once and try to boot an instance again. service libvirt-bin restart

2014-11-17 06:02:38 -0500 commented answer how to increase volume capacity

Okay got your point, let us suppose your 320 GB LVM volume mount point is "/dev/sdb":

pvcreate /dev/sdb vgcreate "cinder-volumes" /dev/sdb

And then restart the cinder-volume service.

If you want to add it as a another device: vgcreate "cinder-volumes1" /dev/sdb

Change the cinder.conf accordingly

2014-11-16 02:45:22 -0500 answered a question service failure after reboot

How did you installed OpenStack? I mean which method you followed, like Devstack, Manual Installation etc. Based on that we can decide the issue.

2014-11-15 20:20:41 -0500 answered a question how to increase volume capacity

I didn't understand why you trying to increase cinder-volumes size. That is a Volume Group(vg) not physical Volume (pv). You can do the following:

  1. Create a new backing image with required size: dd if=/dev/zero of=MyImage.img bs=1G count=4
  2. Create a loopback device with the above image: losetup /dev/loop1 MyImage.img # for Example I am talking loop1
  3. Then create physical volume on that loop back device pvcreate /dev/loop1
  4. Now create a volume group "cinder-volumes" vgcreate "cinder-volumes" /dev/loop1 # Delete the volume group with the same name using "vgremove"

Now you should be able to create your volume of 1GB.

2014-11-14 12:54:30 -0500 answered a question How to manage a mixed linux-kvm and VMware ESXi environment ?

Yes using OpenStack you manage ESXi (VCenter) and KVM node together with single OpenStack environment. For that you should run two compute (nova-compute) services. One is for KVM and second one we need to configure to VCenter.

2014-11-14 04:18:00 -0500 answered a question How was Icehouse tested? Was it penetration tested?

I think explicitly we are not running any penetration test, as part of development we are checking the security related issues. Reviews will analyze those thing. And there are unit test cases to test security related issues.

I am not sure, some one please confirm.

2014-11-14 04:15:05 -0500 commented answer When compute is booted what happens to guests?

Giving shutdown will close all processes smoothly inside Guest machine. For example there is a Opened file in your Guest machine, in hard shutdown you might loose data in that file, not that is not the case in soft shutdown.

2014-11-14 04:12:22 -0500 answered a question Install openstack icehouse using devstack

In stackrc file you change the git repositories of each and every project in OpenStack. You can point those to you local repository instead of external Github repository.

And also set "OFFLINE=TRUE" in localrc file.

2014-11-14 04:09:43 -0500 answered a question combined compute AND controller node

You can do one of the following with your 2 nodes: a) 1. Controller + 2. Compute b) 1. (Controller + Compute) + 2. Compute c) 1. (Controller + Compute) + 2 (Controller + Compute) [Hight Availability mode]

You can do either of the above. Option "B" is optimal solution. If you really need HA then you can go for Option "C".

2014-11-14 04:06:01 -0500 answered a question Keystone user-role-add gives error "Could not find user, admin"

Check user, tenant, role is present or not using. keystone user-list keystone tenant-list keystone role-list

2014-11-14 04:03:22 -0500 answered a question rdo juno openstack glance operations fail

First of all try one command "glance --debug image-list"

and paste the output you got.

2014-11-14 03:59:12 -0500 answered a question unable to add additional RHEL6 compute node on single node Ubuntu14.04 IceHouse

That is possible. We can add RHEL6 machine as Compute node to Ubuntu Controller.

The above command "keystone --debug user-list" itself is raising exception. First we need to resolve that issue. Can you paste the keystone after executing "keystone user-list" command.

2014-11-14 03:55:53 -0500 answered a question juno vm stuck at spawning state


The log (scheduler.log) you pasted about not showing any errors. Can you please share the logs of compute service. "/var/log/nova/nova-compute.log"

2014-11-14 03:52:14 -0500 answered a question When compute is booted what happens to guests?

Yeah you are right. Same case for all-in-one also. It is better to shutdown the Guest machine before shutting down all-in-one node.

If not, shut downing all-in-one/compute node will automatically force shutdown the Guest machines.

2014-11-12 05:44:13 -0500 answered a question [ceilometer] unable to collect compute.node.cpu.* data due to "unexpected indent" ERROR

I didn't get your point, where did you seen that indentation error. Paste the logs if any.

2014-11-12 05:40:28 -0500 answered a question cinder service-list outputs ERROR: 'services'

I think, this error raised from the client (cinder-client) itself. That is why it it not generating any error logs.

Do one thing, execute cinder --debug service-list And paste the output. If that is not useful, it is better to re-install the cinder client.

2014-11-12 05:36:27 -0500 answered a question choose specific esx host for vm

Great question. 1. No, using OpenStack (nova) we can't specify the individual ESX host. We can only specify the VCenter as Host. Internally VCenter will route the VM creation request to one of it's ESX hosts.

  1. Not Yet Implemented, If you want to connect two different VCenter, then we need to have two different nova-compute services (Unlike Cinder, which has support for Multi backend). But in Nova Blueprint [1] has been proposed but not yet started.


2014-11-11 21:30:36 -0500 answered a question Afer Installing a new Openstack Standadalone on Ubuntu 14.04

When you got this error? I mean in which log. But the reason for this issue is: we need to format the device with a file system. That was not done. that is why it is giving this error. If you format it with ext4 or something then that would be fine. mkfs.ext4 mnt_dev The mount will work.

But that should work automatically with use intervention. So please let me know more details about the bug.

2014-11-11 21:22:47 -0500 commented answer can you use openstack with less than 6 nodes?

Have a look at Figure 1.2 and 1.3 in the below link, which explains two role and 3 role scenarios:

2014-11-11 21:21:24 -0500 answered a question nova-compute does not start

Cool.. If I understood you correctly you are unable to start the service using service openstack-nova-compute start right? But manually you are able to connect to AMQP on RabbitMQ.

That is fine. Run manually and try to boot an instance. See if everything goes well or not? And also let us know what is the error you are getting while executing service openstack-nova-compute restart command.

2014-11-11 21:09:39 -0500 commented answer can you use openstack with less than 6 nodes?

Yup., you can use 3 nodes as of now. If you have any more queries or issues while deploying OpenStack reach me @

2014-11-11 21:07:36 -0500 commented answer can you use openstack with less than 6 nodes?

Yeah once you come up with your design plan. Then you can choose deployment method like:

  • Manual Installation
  • Automated Installation (devstack, COI, RDO, etc)

For more details please contact:

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2014-11-11 09:51:24 -0500 commented answer can you use openstack with less than 6 nodes?

Exactly on a single machine you can install all controller components and on other machine (any number of machines) you can install compute component. Generally this is recommend.

TechPatron answer so tech

2014-11-11 07:36:38 -0500 answered a question Can I "snapshot" entire tenants?

Currently there is no such option in OpenStack. You can write own automation script to do this.

2014-11-11 05:36:31 -0500 commented answer global name '_' is not defined in Glance

Most welcome. :)

2014-11-11 02:01:06 -0500 answered a question global name '_' is not defined in Glance

There can be number of resons for this issue. But I think this is related to the configuration.

Please recheck the configuration of glance-api.conf and glance-registry.conf and restart those services.

If still facing the same issue. Then paste the configuration file and logs.

2014-11-11 01:58:39 -0500 answered a question recreate neutron network

Take backup of your volumes and instances first.

For instances:

For volumes:

Then do your stuff (network deletion and creation). And then create instances from downloaded images.

2014-11-11 01:04:35 -0500 commented answer Does Openstack support Contextualization like Nimbus ?

OpenStack is not providing this option. But it provides --file option, to place user specified file desired location.

If it doesn't work, then only way is need to right our own automation script, which enables passwordless login.

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2014-11-11 00:47:53 -0500 commented answer can I assign my own ip after the instance boots up.

Sure... Below is the link go through that you will get some idea. If not bug me again.


2014-11-10 23:32:32 -0500 answered a question can you use openstack with less than 6 nodes?

Keep below things in your mind before you test OpenStack:

  • Select a scenario (all-in-one, 2-role, 3-role)
  • What are the extra features you want (Object Storage: Swift; Block Store; Cinder)

Then you can use your infrastructure to achieve your goal. Please let me know if you need more details or description.


2014-11-10 23:18:53 -0500 answered a question Where is

Recently devstack website got merged to site. And few modifications are also done in the way of execution. Try to place your configuration in localrc file and run your execution.

If you still face any issues, then post those issues.