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2017-10-31 01:54:26 -0500 answered a question Deploy two cloud environment with a single external storage

Cinder backends use single database and message queue to keep disk metadata and provision in the cloud environment. Cinder disks are nothing without is metadata in terms of using in cloud.

2017-09-18 03:03:29 -0500 commented answer instance build

Seems there is a confusion needs some corrections. On the Controller node "nova-api.log, nova-scheduler.log,nova-conductor.log " and on the Compute node, "nova-compute.log"

and, if the instance still remains in "BUILD" state, can you post the result of

nova show provider-instance
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2017-09-17 13:52:10 -0500 commented answer instance build

What compute logs say? Before the creation command;

  • On the controller node; tail -f /var/log/nova/nova-api.log /var/log/nova/nova-conductor.log /var/log/nova/nova-scheduler.log |grep ERROR

  • On the compute nodes; tail -f /var/log/nova/nova-compute.log |grep ERROR

2017-09-15 01:30:38 -0500 commented question instance build

Hi Costas, Dashboard doesn't give too much fault information. You need to start checking log files. The link in your question explain how to create instance via CLI. If you use CLI, you can add "--debug" parameter in to the command to see what is going wrong while your command is running.

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2017-08-26 02:29:33 -0500 commented question How do I resync openstack heat after manually deleting nova host?

You need to comment out the instance (prod2nodessdsf02) in template file and update the stack with new commented out template file (heat stack-update).

2017-08-26 02:10:34 -0500 answered a question Default Flavors Extra Specs

You can set extra specs with openstack or nova CLI; "nova flavor-key" "openstack flavor set"

Flavors create-update-delete operations are allowed for admin role by default nova policy.

2017-08-26 01:47:09 -0500 answered a question Logs location configuration

Did you check nova.conf for logging details. There is a "log_dir=/var/log/nova" line that you can check. (reboot nova services after changes)


Another way, in nova.conf you can enable "use_syslog=true" and then redirect the nova services logs to LOCAL0 with "syslog_log_facility=LOG_LOCAL0" (reboot nova services). So, redirected logs will be received by rsyslog daemon after that setting. Received log can be sent to a file with "LOCAL0.* /var/log/nova/nova.log', or to another log server with "LOCAL0.* @@log_server_ip_address" (reboot rsyslog)

Here you are an official doc about logging

2017-08-26 01:12:20 -0500 commented question Floating IP Association vs Floating IP

If the port has one Fixed IP, your template's approach is ok. If the port has more than one Fixed IP, one of them has to be chosen for Floating IP's forwarded traffic. Selecting a Fixed IP is a feature of "OS::Neutron::FloatingIPAssociation"'s "fixed_ip_address" property.

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2015-08-11 20:21:59 -0500 answered a question can not sync database Ubuntu 15.04

First, enable your SQL server's query loging. Then watch SQL logs while trying the sync command. If tjere is any mistake in keystone.conf then you will see if your connection credential right or not in SQL logs. If they are not same which in logs and conf file, probably "conmection" setting is at wrong place. Move sql connection information from [default] to [database] section.

Second, disable firewall or give permission where installed SQL server.

After solve the connection problem you can disable SQL query loging.

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2014-10-16 10:55:52 -0500 answered a question Neutron net-create requires that tenant_id is specified

command needs admin tenant-id

firstly, take tenant list

 *# keystone tenant-list*

command will return tenants list as you know. such as;

| id | name | enabled | +-----------------------------------------------+----------+-----------+ | 6df22af2a590453ba8488dad5204b138 | admin | True | | a7fef4f8426d49b6b79ff007eb0117a8 | demo | True | | c976cd00104b40e59b7dd7d360aba6e4 | service | True ...

then, get admin tenant-id from list and use in the "neutron net-create" command, like

 *#neutron net-create ext-net --shared --router:external=True --tenant-id 6df22af2a590453ba8488dad5204b138*