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2014-10-01 13:36:09 -0600 answered a question How does Openstack integrate with VMware?

I'm also looking for similar information on comparing our vCenter setup while running a vApp of OpenStack VMs. We are evaluating Mirantis, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack, and came across a PDF of VOVA (dated 2013) that gave a simple analogy between vCenter and OpenStack that we found helpful. Look at 1.3.1 OpenStack and vSphere: Conceptual Analogies in this PDF from vmware: ( There is an update on VOVA in the vmware community, posted in May 2014, of all the drivers/features in Icehouse that may complete that picture. ( Perhaps some one can update this or share something similar in this thread.

2014-10-01 13:25:09 -0600 commented answer Launching Instance on VMware shows Guest OS Not Found

ESX 5.5 Update 2 supports customization of a few more OS's including RHEL 7 and CentOS 5/6 seen in their published guest os customization matrix here (