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2013-10-30 04:59:20 -0600 asked a question what is the hostId parameter in server details?


How can I match a hypervisor (IDs are integers: 1,2,3...) to a server? I can get the hypervisor name from the server details, but i'd like to get the ID of the hypervisor (host).

I know I can do the opposite - get the servers of each hypervisor, but I wonder what the hostId is referencing.

server details:

{"server": {"status": "ACTIVE", "updated": "2013-10-29T12:32:20Z",

"hostId": "380a3cb5901763eaca27cc2c93713d93b79c8fed0e8d926e25cfd64a", ...

hypervisor details:

{ "hypervisor":{ "id":1, ...


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I am using it. really useful in understanding how everything connects. Should there be any difference in the configuration when setting the nova.conf on the compute node?

2013-06-21 01:32:26 -0600 commented answer Nova/Quantum Notifications in RabbitMQ

Thanks for the answer. This is exactly what i'm doing (just using the Java API). Perhaps I should mention that i'm using the latest devstack as an environment... I guess it's not an official OpenStack build. I will try with Grizzly.

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2013-06-16 08:30:31 -0600 asked a question Nova/Quantum Notifications in RabbitMQ

Hi all,

I'm trying to catch nova/quantum modules (and others later) notifications.

What I would like to catch are events that indicate changes in instances and network:

  • Instance create/delete/suspend
  • IP assigning/deleting
  • Port add/delete
  • Security Groups changes

The problem is that I don't catch any notification messages.

I noticed that Nova doesn't send notifications.# to the nova exchange but to the default AMQP exchange.

As an example, when I suspend/resume an instance, the only messages I get are requests from Nova and Quantum. I don't see any messages with event_type.

I found the following documents: and of course -

I am using the RabbitMQ API to query the exchanges/queues existing on the controller and bind a queue to each exchange.

I am "listening" to the following exchanges (topic/fanout): nova, quantum, openstack, compute, q-agent, scheduler, conductor

and I filter out the following methods: service_update, report_state, update_service_capabilities.

  • Am I doing something wrong? (probably yes)
  • Where are the notifications being sent to?
  • For what exchanges should I bind to get the notifications I need?
  • I didn't quite understand what is the oslo.message...

Thanks in advance! Tzafrir

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