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I had the same problem, it seems to be a bug in noVNC, I also saw it at: (

I was able to work around it by using an older version of noVNC. go to /opt/stack/noVNC and do a git checkout v0.6.0. Then reload the the console for the instance.

Alternatively you can add NOVNC_BRANCH=v0.6.0 to your local.conf file, and restack.

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After some googling I found:

neutron-l2gw-db-manage --config-file /etc/neutron/neutron.conf upgrade head

This creates the tables, and works for me.

I found some useful info at: (

Hope this helps.

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I have the same issue using openstack Kilo on Ubuntu. It seems that the tables were not created using the pip install. It would be nice if they could be added manually, or using another pip command.

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Thanks! Indeed the issue was that I didn't update the nova.conf of the compute nodes. Now it seems to work.

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2015-02-06 03:55:41 -0600 asked a question nova get-serial-console produces HTTP 400 error


I am testing Openstack Juno, using a dedicated controller and two compute nodes. For this test, would like to access the serial console port of my VM's as currently is possible using nova-get-serial-console.

I am using Cirros as a test VM.

As documented elsewhere, I started the serial proxy:

2015-02-06 09:41:02.038 15179 INFO nova.console.websocketproxy [-] WebSocket server settings:
2015-02-06 09:41:02.039 15179 INFO nova.console.websocketproxy [-]   - Listen on
2015-02-06 09:41:02.039 15179 INFO nova.console.websocketproxy [-]   - Flash security policy server
2015-02-06 09:41:02.039 15179 INFO nova.console.websocketproxy [-]   - No SSL/TLS support (no cert file)
2015-02-06 09:41:02.040 15179 INFO nova.console.websocketproxy [-]   - proxying from to None:None

When I issue a telnet to it on port 6083, I get a connection, so it is running.

But when I request a serial console, I get the following:

[node-4 ~]# nova get-serial-console test6
ERROR (BadRequest): Unavailable console type serial. (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-bbec8a4e-58ff-40f2-ac0e-503c0be9777b)

Does anyone have any insight what might be the problem?

Thanks in advance for your support.

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Thanks for your feedback, I will keep an eye out, and for now try to do it using KVM.

2014-10-02 04:04:08 -0600 asked a question Accessing serial port of running instance


Is it possible to remotely access a serial port of an instance (eg /dev/ttyS1), just like you can access the console through Horizon?

This is possible under Virtualbox by creating a 'host pipe' so that the hypervisor creates a file for the serial port of your VM which you can read from and write to.

Are there options like this to configure this in Nova? Or should I look in the direction of the hypervisor that we are using? (KVM)

If anyone has experience in this, I would help a lot.

Thanks in advance.