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2016-03-04 05:58:13 -0600 commented question Is the true that mulitple users in a same Project have the same privilege to manage any of the instances or volumes created in the Project, e.g. delete or edit an instance or a volume that was created by other people in the same project?

You asked two separate questions. One completely in the (very long) title and one in the body. It would have been better to ask your questions separately.

2016-03-04 03:02:06 -0600 answered a question detaching root device volume of an instance

Yes. This is intentionally by design. Seems like there were some problems, when detaching boot volume of an instance (even in Shutdown state) was possible.

Seems like this is addressed here:

When this gets merged, it will be possible to detach boot volumes of shelved instances. Currently it looks like this could be merged in the N release (it's too late for mitaka).

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2014-10-22 01:23:49 -0600 answered a question How to successfully migrate neutron+ovs+gre to a new machine

I'm not an expert, but I thought all the stuff you miss should be created / configured by the layer 3 agent of neutron. Have you checked it is running correctly?

I don't think creating that stuff manually would help much. It might work temporarely but is no correct solution.

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