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2018-12-23 21:00:08 -0500 answered a question Where can I find information about contributing in ways other than code?

To expand on the answer that @bernd-bausch gave. The first entry point you should visit is We love non-code contributors. OpenStack is a big project and there are many ways to contribute. Code is only 1 way.

The contributor guide, which is linked off the link Bernd mentioned, caters to not only code but other contributors as well. See the contents page:

If you specifically looking to contribute in a particular way that should point you in the right direction. If you're unsure but no it's non-code, then look at the non-code contributor section:

Last and definitely not least, we have a special interest group (SIG) comprised of people who want to help you, and anyone, get connected. We call ourselves the First Contact SIG. We can connect you with people in all the different projects and would love to help you contribute in anyway you can. More information on us can be found:

Feel free to hit up any of the First Contact SIG members, easiest way is here, mailing list or on IRC at #openstack-dev on freenode, noting that -dev in that context isn't code, if you make OpenStack better, then you're a dev ;)

2018-08-15 00:33:43 -0500 answered a question Is there a tutorial for introducing the openstack source code ?

When you say OpenStack's source code is a little broad a question, OpenStack is made up of many different projects. Although many do follow a similar pattern. The OpenStack upstream institute (OUI) tends to run some technical deep dives which includes looking at source code, how it's laid out etc.

Was there any project in particular you were interested in? I'm a member of the First Contact SIG (Special Interest Group) and am happy to help get you connected and talking to the right people.

I'll ask the OUI if there is anything recorded or written down in the way of deep dives.

Generally you could go look at the OpenStack community page or better the contributor guide. Which will help getting involved in the community.

I myself am a Swift core, so if that's the project your interested in, I'd be happy to walk you through. Swift also has:

Which could help get you started.

2018-04-16 19:51:03 -0500 answered a question Aspiring to be an openstack developer

Well your able to read python so that's a great start! The next level would be understanding the project in question's structure and logic. And you've obviously realised OpenStack is a _big_ project :)

The best way I've found to help is getting involved. If your a little unsure, go help code review patches.. Where you can go ask questions inline or jump on the projects IRC channel. Each project will have their own idiosyncrasies. So first pick the one you know most about (administering) or even the area of tech you have a passion about, and jump in their channel. If your seeing some stack traces in logs, you could see if there is already a bug for it, or raise one.. or if your feeling confident try an either tackle it or go find a bug marked as low-hanging fruit, to get you started. Sometimes the only way to learn is to get your hands dirty.

In any case, there is a new SIG (special interest group) who have formed to help new contributors (experienced or beginners) get started with OpenStack, we're called the First Contact SIG. And have contacts/liasons with all the OpenStack projects (or can at least introduce you to projects) and will be there to get you onboarded and to answer any quetions.

Another great source of information is the OpenStack community portal and the contributor guide, both we are actively continually building up and improving.

There is also the Openstack Upstream Institute (OUI) who put on new contributor trainings, usually on the weekend before a summit. Where you'll meet a bunch of people and mentors from different projects and help start building your network :)

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2015-09-09 20:16:33 -0500 answered a question tempurl with swift kilo using keystone

Your debug sessions seem to suggest that the HEAD to the account server is failing with a 404 (get_account_info). So it doesn't get any account info.

Can you copy the relevant account server log lines (if you have any), you should see some HEADs 404ing. Its strange because the it's obviously working in swift.

Also as another thought, where is tempurl located in your proxy pipeline (/etc/swift/proxy-server.conf). Is it before (to the left of) the authentication middleware, in your case keystone and authtoken?