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couldnt find it... so I still don't know if its a bug - looks like a bug to me but better to have someone experienced check it and log the bug.

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2014-09-30 21:47:44 -0500 asked a question Should resizing an instance also change its flavor?

I have a working Openstack Icehouse install on a single server, I added two new flavors, 1Gmem, 1vcpu, 5G disk and another flavor 1G mem, 2vcpu and 5G disk.

I create an instance using a volume to store the disk. When I try to change the instance from a 1cpu flavor to a 2 cpu flavor the change does not occur even if I reboot. if I delete the instance and rebuild a new instance using the same volume but with the new flavour I get a dual cpu instance running (confirmed with cat /proc/cpuinfo inside the instance).

if I shutdown the instance, do a resize, no change occurs even though no errors are given.

is this a bug?

2014-09-21 19:36:17 -0500 answered a question Convert simple KVM network to Openstack

I downloaded stackgeek's implementation and it gave me a working openstack on UBUNTU.

I also tried following all the docs and I could get a web login page but nothing else so I know what frustration you get trying to get the installs to work.