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e.g.: i have 3 tenants where each of them have some instances; i want to call an API, directly using the RestFul service, to get the list of all servers from all tenants. In order to obtain this, i need a token that it's not related to a specified project.

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Hi all,

i need to authenticate as a user that can see and modify all resources belong to all tenants in the cloud; in other words what i need are credentials that i can use through the Openstack RestAPI in order to eventually modify cloud resources. I try to create this user using the dashboard, but i don't understand what means the specifics roles relates to a user like: _member_ , Member, ResellerAdmin, anotherrole, heat_stack_owner, heat_stack_user, admin and service. Someone could clarify me these concepts? The second question is: is there a way to create the "super_admin" that has privileges and rights to which i refer above?

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I have QEMU hypervisor and in fact, in /etc/nova/nova.conf there isn't, in [libvirt], inject_password = true. I try to put it in this file but i receive always the same HTTP error code: "501", message: "Unable to set password on istance". The image i used to build the server is Fedora-x86_64.

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