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2013-12-10 22:12:40 -0600 answered a question Why keystone execute SQL statments so many times?

I've noticed similar unnecessary queries with the LDAP backend. The abstractions used for the storage backend make this kind of bugs easy to create. You can file a bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystone/+filebug

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Centos support in openstack isn't great, but it's getting better. I run nova, quantum, glance, keystone and horizon on RHEL 6.3 by creating a virtualenv via tox and then creating an rpm of the entire virtualenv. I use python 2.6 in the virtualenv, but 2.7 would probably work as well.

A couple of gotchas:

eventlet is an openstack dependency and the latest version on pypi (0.12.1) doesn't work on the centos 6. A patch to resolve this has been https://github.com/eventlet/eventlet/tree/3c8440209d26bf22d3a4884a19f3e1967797d4cb (committed) upstream but until 0.13 is released you're going to have issues related to "subprocess timeout"

Since centos 6 has a kernel older than 3.0, there is no network namespace support, so if you try to use quantum make sure you have use_namespaces = False in your dhcp_agent.ini config file.

You should checkout RDO. It's a fairly new effort by redhat to support easy openstack installs on redhat. http://openstack.redhat.com