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2017-01-25 06:58:25 -0600 asked a question How do I retrospectively apply a QOS policy to some in-use cinder volumes?

I've followed this blog about applying QOS to cinder volumes backed by Ceph:

The QOS policy gets applied to any new volumes created using this new volume-type. Existing volumes can be 'retyped' to the new type, only if they are not in-use:

ERROR: Invalid input received: Retype cannot change front-end qos specs for in-use volume

Additionally, since I have some volumes created using the volume-type before the QOS policy was attached, those volumes do not get the QOS policy until after they are rebuilt.

How can I apply a retrospective QOS policy to all existing volumes with ZDT (0 down time) for those volumes?

2015-08-21 10:17:39 -0600 answered a question Unexpected vif_type=binding_failed

You can also get this error if the network you requested is not available in your availability zone. (icehouse).

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2015-06-26 08:20:09 -0600 answered a question Neutron namespace missing?

Taking a look in the vpn_agent.log, I noticed:

TRACE neutron.agent.linux.interface Stderr: '/usr/bin/neutron-rootwrap: Executable not found: conntrack (filter match = conntrack)\n'

Installed conntrack, added the namespace (with only a down loopback interface at the time of creation) and restarted neutron-vpn-agent.

Looks like my namespace is back and connectivity has been resolved.

2015-06-26 08:13:02 -0600 commented answer Neutron namespace missing?

I can't delete the gateway or recreate the external network, this isn't a devstack instance. People are actually using this.

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Terminal on the machine can't ping the interface of the router on the network:

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Launched. Floating i assigned, interfaces on the routers up. Ping failed. ip netns comes back the same: the namespace is missing on the neutron host.

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2015-06-26 07:40:05 -0600 commented answer Neutron namespace missing?

If I use an admin account I get both ports: internal and external. Where are we going with this?

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2015-06-26 05:16:16 -0600 asked a question Neutron namespace missing?

Troubleshooting connectivity to my instance I found that the namespace for the router which should be handling the traffic for that instance, was missing.


ip netns list | grep qrouter-<router-uuid>

comes back empty.

How did this happen and what's the best way to fix this without deleting and recreating the router.

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2015-03-02 10:48:54 -0600 answered a question Keypair creation is failing

I found that what fixed this for me was to create a new public key from the private key:

ssh-keygen -y -f private_key.pem >

I then used the newly generated key in the nova request, which worked just fine.

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