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2013-06-24 03:48:40 -0500 answered a question How to solve broken dependencies for Swift RPM packages?

It is highly desired to use one of the packages that already support openstack, which are best tested.

If you use a different package, you will need to deal with the dependency issues.

2013-05-06 16:44:10 -0500 answered a question Dose partition count determine the number of objects a cluster can store?

Each partition can store many objects. Swift will naturally balance the available disk space such that when X objects are placed into N partitions, each partition would hold roughly X/N objects.

The same partition is than replicated D (E.g. D=3).

One common practice advise is to consider what would be the number of hard disks (devices) you will have when the cluster would reach its maximal size - Lets say you will have M hard disks. In such a case, aim for the number of partitions to be bigger than 100*M.

So if M is 10000, use a partition power of 24 and if M is 1000 use partition power of 17.