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I strictly followed the openstack-install-guide-yum-icehouse document step by step . Finally all services are up,but when i checked the agent-l3.log ,it says that can't find l3 agent (as well as dhcp agent). Then i checked mysql database with the truth that table agents of neutron is really empty. I turned on the mysql logs, spending whole night to reinstall neutron with a fact that nothing about inserting entries into the agents at all.shocked! I sincerly ask for your help ! but now,i need to get some sleep. thanks.

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Thank you for your answer . the l3-agent.log has two kinds of errors

  1. router Synchronized failed because of rpc errors
  2. operational error:no such table:agents . u 'SELECT agents where agents.TYPE=? AND' if as you said,it must give a connection error.But none
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