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2014-08-21 10:22:52 -0500 asked a question Docker Openstack: Nova instances don't boot

I have installed Docker driver with Openstack. Pulled an image, for example Centos, and then added to glace. When I do glance image-list it is shown ok. Then I create an instance in Nova, via nova boot or UI, Instance is build successfuly, but when I go through UI in Open console, it shows errors saying that No bootable device and not find Bootable disk. The status if the Nova instance is Active/Running, but inside it cannot boot. If I tru the pulled image from docker command doing for example: docker run centos /bin/bash, It works ok.

What could be wrong? What am I missing?

Thanks for the help.

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2014-08-07 10:12:59 -0500 asked a question Increase Cinder volume max capacity

Is there a easy/automatic way to increase the max capacity of Cinder Volumes? I have the default max in 20GB.

I installed using RDO. Then I tried modifying the answer file the value: CONFIG_CINDER_VOLUMES_SIZE to 40GB for example. and run packstack --answer-file=packstack-answers-.....txt again.

But the max capacity still is in 20GB since I cannot create volumes since I have filled the 20GB availables.


2014-07-22 12:12:34 -0500 edited question Resize swap in VM Instance doesnt work?


I have changed the flavor of a VM where the new flavor has more swap space (from 4GB to 8GB). But when I go into the VM the swap keeps the same space. Do I have to do some extra step to increase the swap space accordingly with the provided by the flavor? Please provide detailed steps.

Thanks a lot for the help.

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