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hi all, GM, i am a newbie of openstack environment, i want integrate lbaas plugin in my openstack setup.but i got stuck while understanding the vip (what it is ? and what is the use of it?) can anybody please explain me in detail .

actually i wanted to maintain all pool member details(ip/vlan etc..) as database at lbass driver is it possible to maintain if so please suggest any procedure or documentation??

thanks for your time in advance

thanks, vs

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2014-07-25 03:46:52 -0600 asked a question what is a load balancer in lbaas

can anybody please explain relation between load-balancer and listner in lbaas plugin, i really blocked in understanding this concepts.

thanks, vs

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that helps thanks foexle

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thanks heiko for your reply that really helped me a ton.. :-)

but i have left with one more query i..e.. where the load balancing will take place i mean (at compute node or at network node ) sorry if my questions are too basic..

please correct me if my understanding is wrong..!!

thanks, vs

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