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Thank you, Works

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It is a bug, please report it.

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It is a bug, please report it.

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And tell me too. Thanks

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2014-07-14 08:52:14 -0500 asked a question Adding another compute node with another existing external network


I have been installed Openstack All-in-One (Single Node) and setup neutron with existing external network for Floating IPs with this article :

Now I want to add a compute node. But it is on another existing external network (for public network). I can just connect this node, to All-in-one node with private network.

I want to use both Floating IP Pool for my instances with existing external networks.

Ho can I do it ?

On this article : - we can add compute node, but not explained about networking. I want to add compute node in another network cidr to get more Valid IPs as Floating IPs.

Scenario image : (image description)

Thanks Best regards