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2016-03-29 07:09:09 -0500 answered a question No able to create an instance in odl integrated RDO Kilo openstack

Could you please enable debug=true for neutron-server and repeat? Are there any more details above the error message you quoted that suggest why the host failed to bind the port?

2016-03-29 07:06:34 -0500 answered a question Freeing IP from FLAT network setup

How do you know that old IP addresses are not freed? Is it just because the next instance picks a new address instead of an old one? It's as designed, because we want to avoid instances reusing the same address on and on.

You should still be able to run 10 instances with their IP addresses allocated with no issue.

2016-03-29 07:02:43 -0500 commented question Clarification on docs for self service connectivity

I think l2pop is still not generally recommended for usage. Do you have a very specific need to enable the driver? If not, you may be better off avoiding it.

2016-03-29 07:00:26 -0500 commented answer socket.error: [Errno 111] Connection refused

BTW note that egress connections are usually allowed by default, so there is no need to change security groups for the instance. Instead, you should look at firewall (iptables) setup on your hypervisor. It seems that the port is not opened there.

2016-03-29 06:59:05 -0500 answered a question socket.error: [Errno 111] Connection refused

There are not enough details about your network setup. Please specify which allocation pool you use, which floating and fixed IPs are attached to the instance, how it's exposed to external network (is it running on the provider network, or is it attached to a tenant network that is plugged into a neutron router? etc.)

Generally, instances should not have access to hypervisor host, unless the latter is exposed to public network itself.

2016-03-29 06:55:34 -0500 answered a question Liberty Error during RDO Packstack

That is definitely a bug in puppet/packstack. Please report at and attach your answers file.

2016-03-29 06:53:35 -0500 answered a question Network config when testing on nested environment

As long as you make sure no other service (like dhcp server) manages the IP pool that you expose to neutron as the external network, it should be fine to use the range.

As for firewalld rules, I leave this part of the question to those who know more about the service.

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2015-06-19 06:27:54 -0500 answered a question vm connection error between vms on different hosts (vxlan tunnels)

Have you checked that your tunnels between Host1 and Host4 are up and point to correct IP endpoints? When you add a new OVS agent, it should register to controller, and the controller propagates tunnel updates to all other compute nodes to create tunnels for communication with the new agent.

2015-06-19 03:34:13 -0500 answered a question nova libvirtError: Unable to add bridge brqxxx-xx port tapxxx-xx: Device or resource busy

I believe the bug you referred to is applicable, and your code analysis is correct. We should kill the logic that attempts to do nova's work. I'll work on it.

2015-06-19 03:11:58 -0500 answered a question neutron lbaas services installation with kilo

Some configuration steps for server side can be found at: (

Make sure you configured your neutron-server with proper service_plugins =.

For lbaasv2 to work, you would also need neutron-lbaasv2-agent service that didn't get to initial RDO Kilo release. As a workaround before RDO Kilo repos are updated with neutron-lbaas package that includes it, you may want to create .service file by yourself, as per: (

2015-06-19 03:04:56 -0500 answered a question Multiple private nets and routing

Do you have your iptables for bridges enabled at all? See: that enables them automatically on all platforms (it is off by default on RHEL). You may want to do the same using sysctl configuration on your system.

Please share iptables -L so that we may check whether rules are set properly.

2015-06-19 02:47:29 -0500 answered a question VPNaaS pluto

I think you hit a bug that is fixed by in Kilo. Note that it was not yet released in any stable releases. Note that the fix introduces a new driver for Libreswan that you should use: "" So reconfiguration of your service is needed.

2014-07-09 09:32:55 -0500 answered a question Attempt of RDO AIO install IceHouse on CentOS 7

Sounds like a bug in puppet modules. Please report it.