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2014-07-14 03:13:24 -0600 asked a question Problem in running ssbench

Hi all,

I installed ssbench and I'm trying to run a scenario, however it gets stuck in the

INFO:Initializing cluster with stock data (up to 20 concurrent workers)

I've looked at the proxy log and for all containers they are like the following

HEAD /v1/AUTH_system/ssbench_000099 HTTP/1.0 204

Do you have any idea what I'm missing?

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2014-07-04 02:38:42 -0600 commented answer max_clients parameter

Thanks, it is a very good advice! Cheers

2014-07-04 01:47:13 -0600 asked a question max_clients parameter

Hi all,

In the "Deployment Guide" document's "General Service Tuning" section, it mentions a parameter called max_clients. In the conf files presented in several other documents I haven't seen any parameter called max_clients. However there is a parameter called "max connections", are these two parameters the same? Otherwise, what are the differences?

Thanks a lot

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2014-07-01 07:23:55 -0600 asked a question What uncached directories mean?

Hi all,

I'm reading the (Object Replication) and I couldn't understand the following phrase.

The number of uncached directories that object replication must traverse, usually as a result of invalidated suffix directory hashes, impedes performance. To provide acceptable replication speeds, object replication is designed to invalidate around 2 percent of the hash space on a normal node each day.

Is there anyone that can give me a little bit detail explanation about this phrase and what uncached directory means?