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2014-06-24 23:40:16 -0500 answered a question something about resize instance and launch instance error amazed me

I had a similar issue in one of my setup.

but i added only one line in the nova.conf file in the compute node and it worked fine.


Hope this helps

2014-06-24 08:31:40 -0500 commented answer problem in installing swift

hope you checked your kernel knows about the xfs partition.

grep -q xfs /proc/filesystems || sudo modprobe xfs

2014-06-24 08:21:33 -0500 commented question how does swift come to know whether storage capacity is full or near to full?

May be you have to run a disk usage alert to monitor that. I think swift will not raise any alarms other than error logs and not accepting the upload file. pls anyone correct me if i'm wrong!!

2014-06-24 08:10:20 -0500 commented question how to assign network-id to instances in dashboard

are you able to see the created networks in the dashboard?

2014-06-24 08:07:02 -0500 commented question Openstack Icehouse instance launch ERROR "No valid host was found"

check whether the compute node is functional and accessible from controller. cross check the host entries.

2014-06-24 08:01:50 -0500 answered a question Missing nova-compute.log ?


check whether the permissions are set for /var/log/nova

check the nova-compute.conf file whether it logdir and logfile is uncommented.