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2015-10-19 01:57:01 -0500 answered a question Can't copy a local file(>120kB) to an instance through a floating-ip by scp ?

Following comment by "darragh-oreilly" and reading the bug report: ( , I fixed my problem on the directional scp performance. My Neutron server is running on a real machine(Controller node). The internal network for instances has a gateway through a neutron router which is connected to br-ex. The br-ex is linked to the physical NIC: em2. Then, I issued the command; ethtool as followings.

[root@host01 ~]$ ovs-vsctl show
        Bridge br-ex
            Port br-ex
                Interface br-ex
                    type: internal
            Port "em2"
                Interface "em2"
            Port "qg-94925359-2c"
                Interface "qg-94925359-2c"
                    type: internal enter code here
[root@host-01 ~]$ ethtool --offload em2 gro off

After that, the large file scp from a local host to the instance worked with a reasonable speed: ~ 40 MB/sec. The bug reported might not be fixed even in the Juno.

2015-10-09 03:16:14 -0500 commented question Can't copy a local file(>120kB) to an instance through a floating-ip by scp ?

I found many packets ~>1500bytes incoming to the instance through the router. But I can not understand your comment: " .. disabling offloads like GRO ....". How should I do ? Let me know in more detail. Thanks.

2015-10-01 22:05:10 -0500 commented answer Can't copy a local file(>120kB) to an instance through a floating-ip by scp ?

Thank you 'dbaxps'. Sorry for late response. Please refer to =Additional info.= in the above initial post. I did not success scp for a large file even following your suggestion with the user:imagen.

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2015-09-09 22:07:04 -0500 asked a question Can't copy a local file(>120kB) to an instance through a floating-ip by scp ?

Hi, I set up Openstack Juno with two nodes:Controller and Compute. Successfully I could boost an instance in an internal network which is connected to an external network through a router. The network environment is managed by neutron server that is running in the Controller node. I associated a floating ip address of the external network to the instance. Then, I could get access to the instance from a host in the external network by ssh with public key authentication. After that, I tried to copy a local file on the host to the instance by scp. But it failed as followings.

[imagen@host01 ~]$ scp                                    100% 1380KB   1.4MB/s   00:00    
 Received disconnect from 2: Packet corrupt
 lost connection

Then, I deleted the router and created new router by neutron CLI commands. But the behavior did not change. I looked arp table. The indicated MAC address corresponding to the floating ip is same with the one of the router port. However, if I try to copy a file smaller than ~120kB, scp works successfully. Also I found the scp reverse file copy from the instance to the outside host worked without such limitation. Is this known issue for neutron or my wrong setting of neutron ? Any suggestion is appreciated to make it clear.

==Additonal info.== My instance is launched from an image which is registered to Glance from a running VM disk image (CentOS 6.4) including applications, not from prepared OS standard image for Openstack. So I used a static account for root and users. The user's public key has been registered to nova database by "nova keypair-add” before launching.

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2015-01-20 23:23:46 -0500 asked a question How to assign a fixed ip (external net) with a prefixed MAC address to a server ?

I have installed OpenStack-Icehouse using all-in-one RDO packstack.It is working properly with an internal network( and an external network (private network: I need access to a nova server from the public internet address( So I configured the second external network with activating the second neutron-l3-agent following (here:'OpenStack Configuration Reference - havana').

Then, I configured a router(pubRouter with its ip address for routing outgoing traffic from the sever to the internet. It also works well. Next I associated a floating ip address( to the server. However, I can not get access(ping) to from a host in the same network segment.

Since our public network( requires registration of MAC address without overlapping, I can not use floating point IP which responds with the same MAC address of pubRouter. Then I want to assign a fixed IP to the server with a prefixed MAC address. I tried to assign it by the followoing procedure.

neutron port-create --tenant-id 1007ff49f7224c818ad7f5c1fd4510dc --mac-address 00:0c:29:bc:7e:91 --fixed-ip subnet_id=extLan2, --security-group batch_server ExternalNet2

nova interface-attach --port-id 750c6c90-4f4f-46c5-9883-5deab555a3e2 LBS-1

Openstack configured the port and attached it to the server:LBS-1, and shows the right information in the dashboard. Unfortunately, It does not work. I checked it by

   (no response)
arp -a ( at 00:1a:64:c1:bc:f4 [ether] on em1 ( at <incomplete> on em1
   - - - - - - - - -

No MAC address is assigned properly to the port. Then, I cannot ping from a host in the same network segment. How can I do to solve the problem ?

Software versions: packstack Icehouse 2014.1.1dev1258, neutron 2.3.4, ovs-vsctl (Open vSwitch) 2.1.3
The draft network diagram is shown below.

 ExternalNet     ExternalNet2
        |                  |                         
        |                  |                                      |       
        |                  |-----------xxx.213-----{pubRouter}----|
        |                  |                                      | 
        |                  |                                      | 
        |                  |-----------xxx.214------[ LBS-1 ]-----|
        |                  |                          server      |
        |                  |                                      |
        |                  |                                      |