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2014-10-22 08:10:55 -0500 asked a question packstack install using hostname


I have a requirement, where the IP address of the vm on which packstack, is deployed changes every 4 weeks. Because of this constraint, i need to do the install using the hostname and not the ip address.

But while deploying openstack using packstack ... if i specify a hostname when prompted for entering an ip address, i receive an error that the value entered is not in a valid format (since packstack expects the input to be an ip address).

Is there a way to override this and use hostname during the installation. ??

P.S: I am not doing a full --allinone install ... Keystone , Glance and command line tools are the only components that i need to deploy.

2014-10-22 08:10:54 -0500 answered a question Is packstack available for Juno release ??


Thanks ... I was able to download the RPM and install openstack JUNO. (it wasn't a smooth install though). These were the issues that i encountered / handled ...

a) Puppet was not pre-installed in the Cent OS 7 iso that i downloaded from red hat site. The first time install using packstack failed mentioning that puppet is not installed.

b) When i ran packstack without the use epel flag, it failed mentioning that the erlang packages are missing dependencies. Subsequently when i ran packstack using the epel flag ... it ran to completion

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2014-10-16 09:50:01 -0500 asked a question Is packstack available for Juno release ??

I intend to try out the Juno release of Openstack. I prefer to deploy using packstack. Is there a packstack deployment available for the Juno release ?

If so, then provide me with necessary steps to be taken to get Openstack (Juno) deployed.

Optionally, if upgrade of an existing icehouse (deployed on Cent OS 5) to Juno is possible, then i provide me with any reference doc on how to do the upgrade.

2014-07-03 04:55:45 -0500 asked a question clone glance from one vm to another


I have a packstack (all-in-one) running on a vm (with Cent OS). I have lot of images on this vm. I intend to clone the vm and deploy it in another environment (with different ip address range). I would need keystone and glance up and running on the cloned vm (in the new environment). what all configuration changes should i make, so that glance and keystone would work (post migration).

Regard, Venkat

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2014-06-17 08:34:51 -0500 answered a question can not get Glance RESTful to work.

Did you try running glance command line with the debug option (-d) .... I had a similar issue. The command line was working, whereas a REST API call from an external server to the glance server was not working.

In the debug mode, i was able to see the rest API call being made through curl. (within the glance server)

It eventually turned out to be a missing entry in firewall for port 9292 and 9191

After i added entries to IP tables (on the glance server) to allow inbound communication on these two ports, the REST API calls were successful.

Also check your server binding in the glance config file. It should be bound to (default)

2014-06-17 08:28:40 -0500 asked a question I need to populate custom attributes for an image , from horizon


I am using packstack on centos ( --allinone option , icehouse ). I am currently using horizon to upload images into glance repository. But i have a requirement for adding custom properties to the image metadata.

I am currently using the REST API (PUT) of glance to add custom properties. I am also using glance image-update command line option to add the custom properties.

Instead i want to customize horizon, so that i can capture the values (for the custom properties) from the horizon UI (for each image) and invoke the REST API or the command line to append the custom properites to the image metadata.

Need guidance on how to customize horizon to meet my requirement.

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2014-06-11 07:43:54 -0500 answered a question Glance API not working


The issue was not with glance.  When i issued glance -d image-list  i could see that the glance API was getting called (using CURL) and it was working.  Then i checked the iptables and turned out to be an issue with the firewall rules.

Packstack --all-in-one creates entries in the iptable , for all openstack APIs except glance. I could not see an entry for port 9292 . Hence any remote REST API call to glance was failing

I included an entry to iptables to accept all inbound traffic on port 9292. Then the issue got resolved.

Now i am able to send rest API request to glance (from remote servers).

Thanks for all the help in resolving the issue.

2014-06-11 04:04:43 -0500 commented question Glance API not working

I am invoking the POST API from a google chrome browser using POSTMAN REST Client .. I am invoking this API request from a remote machine. All REST API calls to identity service works. But none of the REST API calls work for glance (both glance and identity service are running on the same machine

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2014-06-04 12:06:52 -0500 asked a question Glance API not working


I am using RDO packstack (all-in-one deployment) .... I have a strange issue. Horizon works ( i am able to log in and use the dashboard ). glance command line tools work

Glance image-list is listing all the images ...

Glance image-show is listing all the details of the images ...

Glance image-download is downloading the images .....

Glance image-create is also working

But if use the REST API equivalent of the above mentioned commands ... i am not getting response for any of the APIs. Identity service is installed properly ( identity API also works ... i am able to fetch tokens when i make a POST API call from a remote machine)

But when i use the token and request for the list of images ... i get the following response

 This seems to be like an error connecting to The response status was 0.
 Check out the W3C XMLHttpRequest Level 2 spec for more details about when this happens.

I used glance-control to restart the api and the registry ... and the services were restarted successfully. But the issue is still not resolved for me .. What could be wrong ?

packstack is installed on centos 6.5