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2015-08-26 21:59:07 -0600 commented answer Where can I find documentation for OpenStack programs like Ceilometer CLI and/or API guide?

The CLI simply implements all the API calls. So it's more a matter of preference than power.

2015-08-26 21:52:51 -0600 answered a question openstack Invalid volume client version '2'

I'm getting the same error after installing a stable/kilo version of devstack and the 1.0.4 openstack client.

Considering that Volume v2 API support just landed in the client this month, I am guessing we need a newer openstack client release. So, I used pip install python-openstackclient --upgrade and got 1.0.6 and this error went away.

To answer your second question, there's a second API and endpoint for block storage, or volumes that can be attached the instance at launch.

2015-08-04 13:47:51 -0600 answered a question launch instance trouble

Ideally you'll provide more information beyond just the tags (ubuntu, icehouse) about the underlying cloud configuration or cloud provider. For example, I don't know if you're using nova-network on neutron.

Look through your nova logs and neutron logs to see if the services are running, and also is that NIC actually recognized by the networking service?

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2015-05-17 15:43:41 -0600 answered a question Why does the install guide say to remove from /etc/hosts

Hi, the reason for that is to ensure the names can resolve. The patch that added that warning indicates the rest of the guide does verification of connectivity using name resolution -- controller, network, compute1.

2015-05-17 15:41:18 -0600 answered a question Is it possible to query keystone in xml format instead of json format

While upstream has removed XML from the spec, there may still be Keystone implementations at cloud providers that accept XML requests. For example, Rackspace Cloud:

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2014-11-24 07:02:11 -0600 answered a question How do write Openstack api as

Hi - To work on the DocBook and WADL source files for , look for the project on Github and use the same GerritWorkflow as the code projects.

See and

For a longer explanation of how it works, take a look at

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2014-10-24 09:22:55 -0600 answered a question VOVA Icehouse
2014-10-24 09:12:11 -0600 answered a question Version check in compute nodes

I can't imagine it would work since the nova database on the controller would be versioned for one release or the other. So certainly there would be a check on the database and then compute services would realize they couldn't talk to that controller. But I'd like to hear from others.

2014-10-10 20:10:42 -0600 answered a question Neutron documentation to update about new vendor plugin, but without code in repository?

Hi Vad, let's continue this discussion on the mailing list, thanks!

2014-10-10 13:56:53 -0600 answered a question Validating and Installing OS-KSEC2 admin extension

It's basically an extension called with the OS-KSADM extension call.


So I can't tell if you're calling it correctly, such as: /v2.0/users/​{userId}​/OS-KSADM/credentials/OS-KSEC2:ec2Credentials

If you are calling both OS-KSADM and OS-KSEC2:<properties> and have admin permissions and still get the 404, then check your keystone-paste.ini file to see if the v3 API is enabled rather than the v2.0 API.

2014-10-10 13:34:30 -0600 answered a question Is there a WADL file for Databases Service API v1.0 of openstack?

Yes, you can get the WADL file here:

and the XSD here:

2014-10-10 13:28:09 -0600 answered a question Deleting Network with Python httplib2 doesn't work?

I don't know whether ,{}, is the right way to send the body empty? Did you try {''} perhaps?

2014-10-10 13:22:04 -0600 answered a question Where to get Openstack's response JSON schema ?

Hi, as Everett answered on Stackoverflow, there is no JSON Schema for Compute API v2. There will be for v2.1.

What do you need to do that you can't get done with what is available?

2014-10-10 13:18:07 -0600 answered a question old documentation of openstack

Hi, you have probably observed the removal of many of the "longer form" API documents from Those were ill-maintained and repeated a lot of information available elsewhere. I do think you can still find what you need through Google searches, but outdated API documentation specifically is being removed.

As Docs PTL I'd like to hear specifically what longer-form information you found useful. Or was it just a book marked link? Thanks for your input.

2014-10-10 13:14:28 -0600 answered a question wrong information in the API doc ( Identity v3 )

Just one more finesse point - for API docs on we track bugs at .

I've logged it here:

Thanks for reporting your confusion with the API, it helps us improve.

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2014-05-29 22:25:26 -0600 answered a question differences between br-int and br-data

When I search: "br-data" I don't find a reference to a bridge named br-data. I also do not see it in the neutron code base, so possibly it's part of an existing network config and not directly related to OpenStack.

2014-05-29 22:15:04 -0600 answered a question troubleshooting neutron - unreachable instance

This section should be useful.

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2014-05-23 22:52:31 -0600 answered a question Ubuntu Icehouse - Single flat network

When using nova-network a single flat configuration is possible, refer to

For neutron, the documented ML2 configuration in the install guide is found at which requires multiple networks.

As an approximation for equivalents, refer to

2014-05-23 22:47:22 -0600 answered a question What is the difference between Cinder, Glance and Swift?

The cinder project provides block storage so you can mount volumes for instances to access, the glance project provides a service for storing and retrieving operating system images (they can be publicly accessible or private per tenant), the swift project provides eventually consistent object storage and retrieval. Images can be backed by object storage or on the controller node's file system. There are plenty of considerations for storage in OpenStack - read this page for more info.

2014-05-23 22:38:51 -0600 answered a question Where is the documentation for blueprint shelve-instance?
2014-05-23 20:45:14 -0600 answered a question Havana to Icehouse migration document

Please review -- and test if you have the ability to do so in a safe environment.

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2014-04-25 08:46:50 -0600 answered a question Neutron/openvswitch not working, how to debug

Hi, we've added a huge troubleshooting section to the OpenStack Operations Guide, including troubleshooting OVS:

2014-04-25 08:31:25 -0600 answered a question Glance Image upload and registration fails (Icehouse Ubuntu installation)

Thanks for the resolution, I think it's similar to this doc bug that was logged a while back.

Basically, for simplicity, the install guide uses the file backend for glance, and when you configure another, you'll have to do additional configuration.

2014-04-25 08:28:16 -0600 answered a question Admin keys in /etc/swift ?

I think that it means an administrator has access with SSH keys to the directory on each server. That'll enable automation when you copy all the rings to all the nodes (thousands, hundreds of thousands). The docs don't get into the automation techniques so this phrase just serves as a reminder.

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2014-03-30 19:38:13 -0600 answered a question Question regarding Install Guide

There are many similar closed Github issues for that guide. See for example.

2014-03-30 19:17:31 -0600 answered a question How to upgrade keystone?

Also refer to

You also need to backup the databases and perform a keystone-manage db_sync.

2014-03-30 19:13:27 -0600 answered a question Getting role by name

Looking at now, is it documented as you expect?