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I have two internal subnets in one tenant :

  • Subnet A:
  • Subnet B:

And one external subnet:


All three subnets connect to the same router (router01), I want to put my web server into subnet A with external access; Want to put my DB server into subnet B. I just want web server can access DB server through port 3306(for mysql). For security reason, I don't want web server can access DB server through SSH (port22). So I applied the following security rule on DB server. But after that, I still can ssh to my DB server from my WEB server.

Direction   Ether Type  IP Protocol     Port Range  Remote 
Ingress IPv4                     ICMP            -         (CIDR)

This is a simple ENV with is built with packstack icehouse, with GRE network, it is an all-in-one box. So did I understand the security group wrong or anything wrong on my ENV? Could someone shed a light on what should I check further?