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Excellent - thanks!. Had read about network namespaces but it had not come together in my head until now. Am going to try out creating a veth interface pair to try and create a permanent bridge the two networks for a more permanent arrangement.

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I have a working Icehouse install on a single node - per-tenant networks, floating IPs bridging to my local network - everything is working fine. I'm curious though how I can access one of the tenant networks from the host. Is this possible?

My first thought that simply assigning an IP address to the br-int port that's congruent with the tenant network would work, but it doesn't. For example if I have an external network, a tenant network if I run ifconfig br-int net mask I should be able to ping a VM on that network with an address of right? It works for the br-ex port so I'm trying to understand how the same thing on br-int not working fits in with my mental model of neutron.