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Thanks a lot.

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Where can I find the basics and definitions of the terms "nodes", "controller", "devstack"...? Sorry for such questions, to tell the truth I am a computer scientist, but my research area is mainly theoretical (Cryptography, Computability...). My networking knowledge is very basic. I can for example setup and configure a whole LAN, but I have no experience in setting up cloud servers. For example, in networking we refer to node as a some kind of a terminal point, but here?

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I have just downloaded Ubuntu Server 14 LTS, and I want to try OpenStack on a ubuntu server (at home). I have a spare PC with 4 GB ram and 2.96 GH CPU. Hope this configuration is enough to familiarize myself with OpenStack.

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Our university is planing to build a security training lab for students' learning experience and for doing research (pen testing, testing crypto algorithms, vulnerability testing...).

We will have a one powerful server machine and 30 terminal PCs which will be connected to the server. These machines are intended for educational and research purpose. This is an initial configuration.

Next, what I want is, on demand, be able to create a couple of virtual servers (for example one Linux servers and two Windows servers) with vulnerabilities. I may want to create additional servers, one with an email server and another one with a database server. Or I just may want to create a custom virtual LAN with a DHCP server.

I read about OpenStack's Networking Capabilities, which seem to be what I am looking for.

Could you give us some direction on whether or OpenStack could be used for this purpose? Could you give me direction on how the system is actually built?

Thank you.