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2016-02-15 22:51:56 -0500 asked a question Is there a way to initiate a particular openstack method from user created python scripts

Currently I am using the zone fabric manager to configure san zones. I am trying to figure out some way to get the list of the san mapping of the VMs and fabric switches.

Unfortunately, I have found no CLI nor REST API to achieve this. However I see that there is a python method called get_san_context() to get the list of the fibre channel mapping.

link text

I know this will be some sort of a hack ... but is it possible to initiate that particular openstack method from a user created python scripts ? I'm trying to write a python script on the controller node like writing "from cinder.zonemanager.drivers import fc_zone_driver .... " but cannot figure out how to get this method to work ...

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Sorry I see a code "1003" to reexcute user-data Do you have any information on what this means? "The user data script can keep track of the current state before a reboot by using custom registry values in order to resume execution at the desired.."

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Thank you for your information. I'm still reading the template to understand how this works... so I understand that "1001" is a special code only for windows?

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Thanks you for your comment.

I hoped that heat had some way to express this. but I do believe your opinion is the most strait forward way to achieve this.

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2015-08-21 03:37:17 -0500 asked a question Is it possible to reboot the VM during Software Deployment using HEAT

We have a requirment to automate software deployment using heat. I believe that this is very common but some softwares requires to install premodules and then REBOOT before installing the the actual softwares. ( .Net framework of Windows for example )

Is this possible to express this in a single heat template ?

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For 1. Thank you for pointing out that For 2. I guess I need to learn about dnsmasq more.

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fixed, via dnsmasq

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2014-10-30 23:29:57 -0500 asked a question ip address assignment rule

Let's say I have an IP Pool of -

I believe that the first VM instance will get the IP address "" The Second instance will get the IP address "" And the Third "" And so on... meaning I believe the default rule is ascending.

Is it possible to make this rule descending like... -> ->

Is there any configuration file to control the ip assignment rule?

I'm asking this because how openstack chooses the ip address was always a mystery for me...

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2014-05-18 07:43:54 -0500 answered a question What is the difference between Cinder, Glance and Swift?

Personally, I believe the below is the best explained document for your question ( See the nice figure on "Storage Options in OpenStack"

2014-05-18 07:22:16 -0500 asked a question How to configure OpenStack without virtual network

Let say I work at a data-center that has a network infrastructure (dhcp server, etc...) of it's own. I do not want to configure neutrons dhcp servers , open-vswitch, tenant networks. I just want my VM configured with the specific NIC and Networking will be done by some other network infrastructure.

While googling, I think "Provider Network" Is what I need. However I also want to use cloud-init and HEAT and I assume that the deployed VMs need a way to talk to the metadata-proxy( I am not sure if "Provider Network" has the capability to do that.

So in summary my question is ... 1. Is the "Provider Network" the right choice when I don't want openstack to do the networking ? 2. Is it possible to use HEAT and cloud-init while achieving the above ?