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Here are a few resources for MySQL clustering options for OpenStack deployments.

First, check out the official OpenStack High Availability Guide for working with MySQL cluster options. Probably the best place to go to learn from an OpenStack perspective. If this content is lacking, patches are always welcome ;) (

As far as clustered MySQL options, based on what I've heard in the community, the two most popular options are Galera Cluster for MySQL and Percona XtraDB Cluster. Full disclosure... I work for Percona.

Galera from Codership is the replication technology that enables MySQL nodes to behave like a cluster. Codership takes Galera and adds it to MySQL Community Edition to create Galera Cluster for MySQL. Find out information about deploying Galera Cluster for MySQL at their site.

Percona XtraDB Cluster is another great choice that is based on Percona Server, a 100% drop-in compatible and higher performance flavor of MySQL Community Edition. You can find information on the latest version, 5.6, at Percona's site as well as information on documentation and webinars. (

The MySQL Performance Blog, managed by Percona, is another great resource for learning about clustering MySQL using both of these solutions as well as other approaches to HA and, the often overlooked, performance testing.

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