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2014-06-22 04:18:38 -0600 answered a question Helion OpenStack Community installation fails after timing out

The issue with installation of the virtual preview on AMD processors will be fixed in the next release of the virtual installer. The specific (Nova) issues are:

Defect: Fix:

The date of the next virtual preview release is TBD, but will probably be in July.

Thanks for reporting and characterizing this issue.

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2014-06-11 06:20:33 -0600 answered a question How to uninstall hphelion C edition from the system.


It's a manual uninstall at the moment:

  1. Delete the KVM VMs and their storage volumes, using ‘virsh’ commands
  2. Delete the downloaded tarball, and the contents of the tripleo/ directory into which the tarball unpacks
  3. Delete /tmp/seed_options
  4. Uninstall any packages that you no longer require, using apt


2014-06-11 06:12:08 -0600 commented answer hp helion cloud installation problem about overcloud node

Great! Thanks for your solution.