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2014-04-15 09:31:58 -0500 answered a question Default Neutron security group is ineffective

Nobody? I have the same issue! Security Groups seem to be completely useless!

2014-04-15 07:55:17 -0500 asked a question Cannot delete Security Group

Hi, it looks like there is something wrong with deleting security groups:

root@controller:~# nova secgroup-list
| Id                                   | Name    | Description |
| 0e1f0e1a-b18e-4c6d-9163-1ab194f4b500 | default | default     | 
| 00e2e7ec-097f-4680-9b7c-146668f0bafd | ssh     | allow ssh   | 
| a6c41fbf-16e2-4a7f-95c4-3669f2511bf5 | ssh     | allow rdp   |
root@controller:~# nova secgroup-delete ssh 
ERROR: Multiple security group matches found for name 'ssh', use an ID to be more specific.
root@controller:~# nova help secgroup-delete  usage: nova secgroup-delete <secgroup>

    Delete a security group.

    Positional arguments:   <secgroup>  ID or name of security group. 

root@controller:~# nova secgroup-delete a6c41fbf-16e2-4a7f-95c4-3669f2511bf5
ERROR: Secgroup ID or name 'a6c41fbf-16e2-4a7f-95c4-3669f2511bf5' not found.

Is there any way to fix this besides going to the database level?

cheers Mathias