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2013-05-17 04:34:12 -0500 asked a question Where can I find best practices/tools to tune an OpenStack cluster?

If I am the administator and I want to find the bottleneck of my Openstack System. Especially, which service or which node confines the overall performance? Is there any documents or methods to do the tuning? Are there any tools easy to use to monitor the performance of the hosts (IO flow rate, Memory, CPU usage).

2013-05-17 04:27:13 -0500 commented answer Can Openstack Choose the physical resources to boot a VM?

This is much helpful. However, maybe I haven't made my question clear. This time if I decided to use one host, however, can I choose the specific resources in a host to boot VM? Can I choose vcpu1 instead of vcpu2, or can I link physical NIC eth0 instead on eth1 to the instance?

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2013-05-16 11:53:56 -0500 asked a question Can Openstack Choose the physical resources to boot a VM?

Recently I know that openstack could choose a virtual machine to boot VM using availability zone(though I think this is not a intended use). But I'm still curious, can openstack choose the specific resource in a host to boot VM?

For example: if there are multiple physical NICs in a compute node, can Openstack Choose a physical NIC to attach to? Or can Openstack Choose a specific VCPU? All these seems to be approachable in Libvirt, but are there any mechanism for Openstack to do it?