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2012-04-26 14:53:55 -0600 answered a question Launching instance on XenServer (Nova-Compute) stays in Build/Spawning State

I have exported image of running instance from XenServer. Unfortunately, Openstack XenServer document isn't very detailed about XenServer images (also I haven't dealt with XenServer a lot). I will try to use new tips to see if I can successfully deploy guest instance.

Regarding, "delete instance" bug, could this be some kind of race condition. I have seen this stacktrace when launching guest instance fails with some error. - Prasanna

2012-04-17 19:55:34 -0600 asked a question Launching instance on XenServer (Nova-Compute) stays in Build/Spawning State

I am currently stuck in deploying Openstack Essex test setup on our test-bed. Here are some details:


Two node with Xenserver for compute resources. Cloud Controller Setup: Keystone, Glance, Nova-Network, Nova-Schedular, Horizon, RabbitMQ, Quantum/NVP Plugin Ubuntu 12.04 Precise VM running on VMWare ESX

Cloud Compute Node: Nova Compute on Ubuntu Precise 12.04 in PV mode running on Xenserver 6.0

Problem: I am trying to launch XVA image (1GB in size) using Dashboard or "nova boot", it stays in Status="Build" and Task="Spawning". Log file (nova-compute.log) on compute node mentions downloading started from Glance server and throws two exceptions. One of these exceptions is related to updating bandwidth usage cache. (InvalidOperation: quantize with one INF). Other exception is thrown after failure of launching instance, when system is trying to delete instance. ( NotFound: No opaque_ref could be determined for 'instance-00000001'). On controller side log files for Glance shows that image download request is made and it has found image. After that, I don't see any data transfer related request.

I have attached following files: 1. nova.conf on controller node: 2. nova.conf on compute node: 3. nova-compute.log: (Kept only important log messages)

I would appreciate if someone can take a look at these files and let me know if I am making any configuration mistakes on controller and compute node or is this some kind of bug?

Thanks - Prasanna