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2014-11-22 01:58:20 -0600 marked best answer Quota Settings

I was creating a registration for openstack where in after registration the user where able to configure it's own quota settings

Is there any good way or tutorial to accomplish this?

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2014-01-23 18:42:24 -0600 marked best answer How can I install Openstack in 2 machines?

Hi I'm looking for an easy to understand tutorial on how to install Openstack using 2 machines.

I have already read this one but obviously the tutorial is for 3 machines.

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2013-10-29 22:52:20 -0600 asked a question Hyper-V on Openstack

This is my first time to integrate cloudbase nova-compute in openstack. We are installing in a multi-node setup consists of controller node, network node and the Hyper-v Server.

First, I would like to ask about ceilometer on nova-compute.

based on the this tuts:

ceilometer-agent-compute has to be installed in nova-compute node. If my nova-compute node is in Hyper-V, Do I still need to do it? or ceilometer-agent-compute is already installed on Cloudbase nova-compute.

Second, If I going to use cloudbase hyper-v nova-compute as openstack nova-compute, How many nova-computes can be created in 1 Hyper-v server?

Thanks a lot, nova-compute in Hyper-v did a very unique and great things.

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2013-09-02 04:53:44 -0600 asked a question ceilometer api Internal Server Error

I have installed ceilometer but if try to access the api it gives me an internal server error.

Anyone here have already encountered this issue?

 ==> /var/log/apache2/ceilometer_error.log <==
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client] mod_wsgi (pid=4859): Exception occurred processing WSGI script '/opt/stack/ceilometer/ceilometer/api/app.wsgi'.
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client] Traceback (most recent call last):
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client]   File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ceilometer/api/", line 105, in __call__
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client]     return self.v2(environ, start_response)
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client]   File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pecan/middleware/", line 56, in __call__
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client]     return self.application(environ, start_response)
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client]   File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ceilometer/api/", line 89, in __call__
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client]     app_iter =, replacement_start_response)
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client]   File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pecan/", line 568, in __call__
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client]     self.handle_request(state.request, state.response)
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client]   File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pecan/", line 529, in handle_request
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client]     result = self.render(template, result)
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client]   File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pecan/", line 384, in render
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client]     return renderer.render(template, namespace)
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client]   File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pecan/", line 95, in render
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client]     tmpl = self.loader.get_template(template_path)
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client]   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/mako/", line 243, in get_template
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client]     "Cant locate template for uri %r" % uri)
[Mon Sep 02 17:54:48 2013] [error] [client] TopLevelLookupException: Cant locate template for uri 'index.html'
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2013-08-15 21:48:17 -0600 commented answer cinder consumption

So it means , I need to have a much larger storage device in controller node. Is it possible to create the cinder volume group from other partition in my disk drive. for example I have 4TB Disk Drive and I have partition it into 2. Disk 1: 200gb Disk2: 3.6TB Is it possible to point the cinder volume creation into Disk2 Thanks

2013-08-15 21:42:19 -0600 commented answer cinder consumption

thanks a lot for answering.

2013-08-15 21:41:44 -0600 commented answer cinder consumption

thanks a lot, very informative

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2013-08-14 07:09:15 -0600 answered a question how to solve "Internal Server Error An unexpected error occurred while processing your request. Please try your request again"?

You might want to look in your logs to have more info regarding that error.

tail -f /var/log/name of components/*.log
i.e. tail -f /var/log/nova/*.log

look for apache2 log as well.

2013-08-14 07:05:26 -0600 asked a question cinder consumption

I would like to ask two questions regarding cinder:

Question 1: For example I have created a cinder-volume group with 500gb Does it mean this mean the maximum size of volumes that are able to be created by a user or this is the actual volume size allocated for volume creation. ( for example there is a 5 volumes created by users with 100GB each, the next user who wants to create a new volume are not able to do it because the 500gb allotted volume for cinder is already been consumed)

Question 2: Where does the cinder volume consume disk space, is it on the controller node or in the compute node?

Thanks a lot

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2013-08-07 00:24:14 -0600 asked a question Import Error when Deploying Horizon

For more details for this issue please follow link below

I hope someone could help me with this

2013-08-05 06:17:23 -0600 asked a question Openstack External Network Ports is Down

Hi all,

I have installed Openstack via this tuts:

Everything is working fine except to the following issue:

Unable to SSH VMs Unable to PING VMs Able to ping the external network default gateway Able to ping the router connected to the external network

I found this error in my quantum logs:

heres my /etc/quantum/api-paste.ini

heres my /etc/quantum/plugins/openvswitch/ovs_quantum_plugin.ini

heres my /etc/quantum/metadata_agent.ini

heres my /etc/quantum/quantum.conf

I hope someone who could guide me where i did wrong.


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2013-07-25 21:54:21 -0600 asked a question Unable to access instance via ssh

Our static ip is We have Openstack Grizzly running in a single node

based on the network topology our ext_net is cluster_net (external) and it was mark as green.

I have one instance running and it has as floating ip and I can't access it using ( ssh -i ibm_keys.pem ubuntu@ ) I can't Ping the server as well.

Is there anything wrong with the installation I made?

I have followed this tuts:

I hope someone could explain it, Thanks a lot.