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2015-07-06 08:34:46 -0600 answered a question how to create VNF like vRouter on openstack

Hi, Please follow below links for deploying 'ARNO' the first of OPNFV releases:

OPNFV Installation instructions for the Arno release of OPNFV when using Fuel as a deployment tool

OPNFV User Guide for the Arno release

hope this helps


2015-02-06 01:00:17 -0600 answered a question how to find out which version of OpenStack is installed

on openstack node cli:

dpkg -l | grep nova-common

lets say the following output

ii nova-common 1:2014.2.1-0ubuntu1~cloud0 all OpenStack Compute - common files

check for the above release version i.e 2014.2.1 in the following link:


I can see that above version is Juno

2014-11-19 02:26:27 -0600 commented answer nova list ERROR: HTTPConnectionPool(host='controller', port=8774): Max retries exceeded with url: /v2/c677d3d3c35644579fa8da9b4342e19d/servers/detail (Caused by <class 'socket.error'>: [Errno 111] Connection refused)

Reinstalled oslo with the command: pip install --upgrade oslo.rootwrap This worked for me

2014-10-18 08:35:13 -0600 commented question Neutron VXLAN not working with RDO Icehouse and CentOS 6.5

Im also stuck with similar error.. did you happen to get any workaround?

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2014-07-17 06:07:36 -0600 answered a question unable to delete network either from Horizon, cli or mysql

with the inputs of SGPJ
I figured out any associations to the network
I figured out that its associated somewhere in a loadbalance configuration
removed the configuration manually and now able to delete the network

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2014-07-15 02:15:06 -0600 edited question unable to delete network either from Horizon, cli or mysql

In my test network, I have added couple of networks. Now after some weeks, Im trying to delete the network, but it doesnt get deleted. I tried to delete from horizon,cli and even mysql. Also made sure that I have checked in VM's, firewall and subnets etc, no-where is this network associated to any VM or router. I just want to delete this stale network object, any help is much appreciated following are the errors observed

From Horizon:

Error: Failed to delete network 16072258-01ed-49e8-80a8-1a50936fbc78

From CLI:

root@controller2:~# nova network-list
| ID                                   | Label  | Cidr |
| 16072258-01ed-49e8-80a8-1a50936fbc78 | Net1   | -    |
| ebd23359-487a-42ae-9dc5-bd74341714bf | ExtNet | -    |
| ee9d42c4-e546-4dd5-b85e-a0683944eb86 | net5   | -    |
root@controller2:~# nova net-delete 16072258-01ed-49e8-80a8-1a50936fbc78
ERROR: <attribute 'message' of 'exceptions.BaseException' objects> (HTTP 500)

from mysql:

mysql> select * from networks;
| tenant_id                        | id                                   | name   | status | admin_state_up | shared |
| b257c28f4981423e8615638e18d7d7be | 16072258-01ed-49e8-80a8-1a50936fbc78 | Net1   | ACTIVE |              1 |      0 |
| 74b3ba883f0049ab9cd53fd0798dd2fa | ebd23359-487a-42ae-9dc5-bd74341714bf | ExtNet | ACTIVE |              1 |      0 |
| b257c28f4981423e8615638e18d7d7be | ee9d42c4-e546-4dd5-b85e-a0683944eb86 | net5   | ACTIVE |              1 |      0 |
3 rows in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> del
delay      delimiter
mysql> delete from networks where id = '16072258-01ed-49e8-80a8-1a50936fbc78';
ERROR 1451 (23000): Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails (`neutron`.`ports`, CONSTRAINT `ports_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`network_id`) REFERENCES `networks` (`id`))
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2014-03-20 14:32:10 -0600 commented answer devstack on 13.10 upgraded from 12.10, doesnt run ./stack.sh

thank you.. it worked out.. same thing mentioned in configuration doc as what is mentioned by prasoontelang..

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2014-03-13 13:03:11 -0600 commented answer devstack on 13.10 upgraded from 12.10, doesnt run ./stack.sh

can you please tell me where would be "localrc" is it in devstack folder?? Im not able to find one :(

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2014-03-12 13:56:15 -0600 asked a question devstack on 13.10 upgraded from 12.10, doesnt run ./stack.sh

Ive installed devstack on Ubuntu 12.10

Ive upgraded Ubuntu 12.10 to 13.10

also checked out the devstack folder from git

when Im running ./stack.sh, Im getting following error:

/devstack$ ./stack.sh 
[Call Trace]
[ERROR] ./stack.sh:292 Could not determine host ip address. Either localrc specified dhcp on or defaulted

googled online and suspecting this bug.. Did any of you face this issue??

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2014-02-14 03:53:59 -0600 commented question Two routers on the same network

can you please tell me what is the subnetmask you have used??

2014-02-14 03:53:40 -0600 answered a question Two routers on the same network

can you please tell me what is the subnetmask you have used??

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2014-02-14 00:55:00 -0600 answered a question From where can i get the download link for open stack havana?

http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/install-guide/install/apt/content/ (detailed installation guide)

http://docs.openstack.org/havana/install-guide/install/apt/content/basics-packages.html (straight away jump to havana installation packages)

2014-02-13 07:03:24 -0600 asked a question are there any openstack template/clipart for creating custom presentations

would like to know if there are any repository for templates/pics/cliparts for creating a ppt/presentation on openstack

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2013-05-02 01:23:53 -0600 asked a question public net with single ip cannot be uplinked

I'm trying to create a public network (in a test lab where we get the ip addresses through DHCP, hence I limited the public network to /32 cidr range) I'm trying to map this public network to my router in quantum I'm getting the following error:

"No more IP addresses available on network fca44fe9-0afb-4458-985e-12ae876b5494"