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Thanks John Griffith, that solved my question.

2013-12-16 09:51:10 -0600 answered a question Independent Database for Driver

There is only one method inside cinder.db called 'volume_admin_metadata_update' which creates admin metadata for the volume. But it needs the context as an argument. This context is not passed on to the driver. I understand driver is not required to know the context. However, how can driver create the admin metadata?

2013-12-09 04:54:21 -0600 asked a question Independent Database for Driver

Some driver might need to store the mapping between the ID of volume fomr the backend service and Cinder Volume ID. This can be incorporated as being one field in the existing database volumes table (e.g. provider_id?) or can have a separate database of its own to store some more information. Just like plugins in neutron have their own database can the driver in the cinder have their own database?

2013-07-12 03:50:42 -0600 asked a question ElasticLoadBalancing

I was trying the existing AutoScaling Template given here ( however, I was provided with folowing response: Error: nova reported unexpected instance[LB_instance]

Is AWS::ElasticLoadBalancing::LoadBalancer type resource is not supported yet? If it is supported what might be the reason it's not spawning up?