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2015-05-06 09:28:14 -0500 answered a question cinder nfs hypervisor tab doesnt show nfs share disk space on horizon

This is working correctly. The Horizon interface is showing how much free disk space the compute nodes have locally because that is the criteria the Nova scheduler will use to decide where to place new instances (as well as free memory and vcpus). You can prevent overallocation of cinder volumes by managing disk quotas and this can be done even on a per volume type basis.

2015-05-06 09:21:02 -0500 answered a question How to replicate Cinder Volumes?

With the NetApp driver you can use cinder extra-specs to place cinder volumes within a replicated NetApp FlexVol. The replication relationship is setup in advance and thereafter snapmirror will ensure new cinder volumes are replicated to a target FlxVol. The specific extra spec is "netapp_mirrored=true".

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2014-03-07 09:47:53 -0500 commented answer Is live migration possible without a shared mount when the source of the VM is a cinder volume?

have you tried the --block_migrate option? It works for me without 'shared storage' i.e. nfs mounted /../../images dir.

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2014-02-27 22:06:31 -0500 answered a question live migration of instance between compute nodes

You can try the --block_migrate option and it might just work with glusterfs. It works using the NetApp CMode NFS driver without a shared mount (i.e. booting a VM from a bootable cinder volume - though this may not be what you are after).

2014-02-27 21:40:40 -0500 answered a question Is live migration possible without a shared mount when the source of the VM is a cinder volume?

Update: When i use the --block_migrate option the live migration succeeds (which is nice but unexpected). This seems inconsistent with the operation that apparently occurred because there was nothing to migrate (with a cinder volume residing on a NetApp NFS share being served to the hypervisor on two compute nodes). What actually got moved was the vm and it's memory, processes, etc. Is this the recommended way to perform this operation? It seems like the first command without the --block_migrate option should have performed a pre-check to see if shared cinder storage for the vm was there and if so perform a standard migration.

2014-02-27 15:45:06 -0500 asked a question Is live migration possible without a shared mount when the source of the VM is a cinder volume?

Environmental details:

Openstack vers/environment: Devstack in multi mode using the Netapp C-Mode NFS driver for Cinder but with no shared mounts for the /opt/stack/data/nova/instances directory.

Hypervisor: KVM/QEMU VM: booted from a cinder 2GB disk created from the Cirros image and set bootable Command: nova live-migration 26e1cea3-644c-4934-a19e-67e98b6ddf90 ubuntu2 Error in n-cpu.log: InvalidSharedStorage: ubuntu is not on shared storage: Live migration can not be used without shared storage

Since cinder by definition is on shared storage shouldn't this command work using the netapp nfs storage which is already available to both nodes?