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2017-08-17 13:24:03 -0500 answered a question How to ssh ubuntu instance created via trove

If you built your own image, I'm not sure what the question is. I would assume that you would enable ssh daemon, create a user and install the public key in it, and use that to ssh into the instance.

2017-06-28 05:48:39 -0500 answered a question Networking in Trove. Security question

would you please restate your question. Is this an issue about security in trove because you have port 22 open? Closing port 22 would seem like the obvious answer, but I'm not sure I'm fully understanding your question.

2017-06-28 05:46:54 -0500 answered a question trove ERROR: 'unicode' object has no attribute 'get'

Where did you install from? is it possible that this was a transient issue with the state of the source tree at the time you got your code?

2017-06-28 05:45:27 -0500 answered a question Problem Creating Guest Images for Trove

A subsequent question seems to indicate that you got around this and built an image. Is this still a problem you are facing?

2017-06-28 05:43:59 -0500 answered a question Problem launching Trove Guest Instance

It would help to figure out what is going on if we can see some things ...

  1. I assume that the instances list is Nova list. Yes, running there makes sense.
  2. What do you see in taskmanager log
  3. if you built the image properly, you should be able to create a security group which allows port 22 (ssh) into the instance, and then ssh into the instance and look at the guestagent log

I don't recognize the element ubuntu_trove, is this something you created? Is your environment devstack based or a custom openstack install?

I notice that you asked the same question on IRC, please stick around for a while if you are looking for answers on IRC, it is not an Instant Reply Channel.

2017-06-03 07:25:11 -0500 answered a question Ocata, VNC shows Cirros instance stuck at "GRUB"

I believe you are facing the same issue as the one described (by me) in the bug [1]. To tell for sure, here are a couple of things to do. Let me emphasize that this is a hunch, not a conclusive diagnosis.

On your VMWare VM, verify the version of libvirtd. If you are running 2.5.0 (which is what I ended up with in Ubuntu when the Ubuntu Cloud Archive was enabled), I had the exact same issue. If I use libvirtd of 1.3.1, things work fine.

My environment is similar to yours but substitute Ubuntu for Centos.

  • Windows 10 or Mac running VMWare VM
  • VMWare VM running Ubuntu and OpenStack as a compute node.
  • Nested Hypervisor VM for Nova (Cirros or full Ubuntu)
  • VT-X enabled in VMWare

I ended up with the exact same thing, the Nova instance would get stuck on the GRUB line on the console.

Not sure how you'd go about unraveling this in your environment but at least it may help you identify whether you are running into the same problem.

If you want more information, ping me on #openstack-dev, or #openstack-trove.


2016-12-31 07:10:13 -0500 answered a question Trove Guest agent fails to start

Seems pretty straightforward, the tail of your stack trace reads:

2016-12-27 05:36:27.063 1333 ERROR root Command: sudo find /etc/mysql/conf.d/ -noleaf -type f -regextype posix-extended -regex .*/.+-([0-9]+)-.+\.cnf$$
2016-12-27 05:36:27.063 1333 ERROR root Exit code: 1
2016-12-27 05:36:27.063 1333 ERROR root Stdout: u''
2016-12-27 05:36:27.063 1333 ERROR root Stderr: 'find: \xe2\x80\x98/etc/mysql/conf.d/\xe2\x80\x99: No such file or directory\n'
2016-12-27 05:36:27.063 1333 ERROR root

which indicates that for some reason the guest is looking for configuration in that location and not finding it. Why? That could depend on any number of things. But, if my memory serves me correctly, trove doesn't provide elements for MariaDB/CentOS so I'd begin by looking at those and figuring out what was going on there.

2016-11-28 10:57:12 -0500 commented answer How do I build a trove image?

Unfortunately, this information is out of date. trove-integration is now no longer maintained.

2016-11-14 22:01:18 -0500 answered a question problem of using oslo_messaging batch_notification_listener with executor 'evenlet'.

Pose your question on the mailing list or on IRC at #openstack-oslo

2016-11-14 07:12:38 -0500 answered a question trove NotFound: The resource could not be found. (HTTP 404)

So clearly you got past the issue with creating the security group that you reported here.

Now, can you tell whether a guest instance is being created (typically, nova list, or look in trove-taskmanager log for an instance id). Then look to Nova to see if that instance launched properly. If the instance failed to launch in Nova, what's in Nova's log file?

If the instance launched fine and came ACTIVE (from Nova's perspective), what does 'trove list' show?

What guest image did you use?

What version of Trove?

What operating system are you installing on?

You will likely get quicker assistance on #openstack-trove in IRC during US daylight hours, Monday to Friday.

2016-11-14 07:08:48 -0500 answered a question Trove Error creating security group for instance

Things which would be important to report include what version of Trove, what OS you are installing on, and your config files. In this case, I'd love to see what you had in trove-taskmanager.conf for the definition of your mysql datastore. As Bernd Bausch said, it looks like it is misconfigured.

Please enter a bug in launchpad for this issue. It would be good to augment the error message to point to a specific problem (in this case, what's the port number).

2016-10-30 04:24:04 -0500 commented answer Trove guest-agent unable to talk to RabbitMQ

Neutron security; just knowing a network ID doesn't mean that you can join it. you need also the credentials to connect to that. You need to ensure that your guest instance (a service VM) is secure and many methods exist to ensure this.

2016-10-20 11:09:47 -0500 commented question How to config mysql datastore on DevStack Trove

Please refer to the Trove documentation for more details about this.

2016-10-20 11:08:07 -0500 commented question trove guest instance starts normally, but trove-taskmanager still reports Error state

One thing to consider is that you may have time sync issues between the guest and the controller. Are there any messages indicating that messages are either too old, or in the future (conductor log)?

2016-10-20 11:06:33 -0500 answered a question Trove guest-agent unable to talk to RabbitMQ

Thanks for the question. This is a topic that is addressed in the Trove documentation (installation and configuration). Please refer that, and yes this is something that several have addressed and got to work.

2016-09-08 06:39:58 -0500 commented question [trove] mongodb cluster-grow failed

where was this error, could you please also share the log file where this error occurred.

2016-09-05 07:05:30 -0500 received badge  Supporter (source)
2016-08-26 07:20:12 -0500 commented question trove guest instance starts normally, but trove-taskmanager still reports Error state

Look in your Trove Conductor log. Was the message from the guest successfully received and processed on the conductor? If you are running Mitaka, one issues around this time is caused by a mismatch between the versions of oslo.context on the guest and the controller.

2016-08-11 09:50:48 -0500 answered a question trove taskmanager error

this appears to be a duplicate of

2016-08-11 09:50:41 -0500 answered a question trove error

this appears to be a duplicate of

2016-08-11 09:50:14 -0500 answered a question trove error

this appears to be a duplicate of

2016-08-11 09:48:34 -0500 answered a question trove taskmanager unauthorized error

This is a known issue relative to the periodic notification transformer being misconfigured. You can ignore this error ( or disable exists_notification_transformer in your taskmanager.conf).

2016-07-06 04:03:49 -0500 answered a question Error when creating a DB instance using trove

The fact that you are getting an error "Unauthorized" means you should follow the trail to the keystone log file. There, you will find more information about why this is failing.

One situation where I've seen this happen is where machines are not time synchronized. It leads keystone to think the token is invalid when it shouldn't be.

2016-06-19 18:25:59 -0500 answered a question sahara-dashbord mitaka

Yes, you need to install the plugins (for Horizon).

2016-06-19 18:25:05 -0500 commented question Trove installation

Please provide more details. This sounds like an error in setting up your localrc for devstack.

2016-06-19 18:24:31 -0500 answered a question How to solve "FloatingIpPoolNotFound" error when creating a Trove db

Trove was not able to access your Neutron network that you specified with "--nic net-id=2160b8de-2f28-4332-bad5-1a2a5bbba6f8"

2016-06-19 18:23:09 -0500 answered a question trove error

Please provide more details, otherwise it is impossible to answer your question.

2016-06-19 18:22:40 -0500 answered a question having phpmyadmin on client system and integrating with openstack trove

It is possible and people do manage some aspects of their MySQL database through phpmyadmin.

2016-06-19 18:21:46 -0500 answered a question Multi-tenancy in Trove

There is no current plan to support multi-tenancy in Trove database instances.

2016-06-19 18:20:36 -0500 answered a question [openastack] [TROVE] What is the difference between Backup and Snapshot

Trove does not support (yet) snapshots.

2016-06-19 18:20:05 -0500 answered a question Openstack Mitaka cannot see Database button on horizon

Please provide a link to the instructions you followed to install Trove, specifically did you install the Trove dashboard plugin?

2016-06-13 09:11:25 -0500 commented question Liberty Trove task manager throwing exception

It appears that you have the notifications transformer enabled and the authentication to Nova is failing. You should look at the Keystone log file to see why this is happening.

You can optionally disable the notifications transformer altogether.

Ping the team at #openstack-trove for quicker answer

2016-05-18 05:40:10 -0500 received badge  Teacher (source)
2016-05-16 09:05:34 -0500 answered a question Trove - Timeout for service changing to active. No usage create-event sent.


Icehouse has long been unsupported so I'd strongly urge you to move up to a supported release like Mitaka. Typically this error you are seeing is indicative that your guest instance didn't come up properly.

The guest images on are not for production use and they have no guest agent pre-installed. They are for development and testing use with devestack/redstack only.

You'll need a different image to get started with Trove. Please connect on #openstack-trove and you'll get additional help there.



2016-04-05 21:06:51 -0500 answered a question Trove guest agent fails to get database status

Please stop by #openstack-trove for quicker assistance.

What guest image are you using in this case? It looks like you created your own, maybe?

2016-04-05 21:06:51 -0500 commented question I am a newbie at OpenStack. I recently set it up on my laptop. I need to set up a database on the cloud. And i need to access the same through a n android appliction,. Any kind of help would be highly appreciable. Thank you

What trouble are you having with Trove? you may also find help at #openstack-trove on IRC

2016-04-05 21:06:51 -0500 answered a question CentOS 7 - Trove Install

Also feel free to stop by #openstack-trove where the rest of the Trove community can also help you.

2014-02-13 18:50:29 -0500 answered a question "ICLA contributor agreement requires current contact information" error while using git review

OK, I'm getting this same error. I have submitted contact information with the openstack ICLA.

Who should I contact/What should I be doing to debug this further and get a change committed?