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In 2013 there was 2 API versions (v1 and v2) - now we only support v2.

the current API is

2019-05-05 18:26:52 -0500 answered a question API DNSaaS test

If you are looking for Designate API information, we have documentation on that here -

If you are writing a program to talk to designate, there is a python client -

and the openstack-sdk project has designate tooling as well -

2019-05-05 18:22:56 -0500 answered a question DuplicateRecord when assigning floating IP

The first thing to check is what recordsets are already in use -

openstack recordset list all --all-projects

as an admin user should list all recordsets on the system - there may be a RecordSet left over.

the system will be trying to create a $ recordset on floating IP creation.

2018-03-07 12:31:43 -0500 commented answer Get Error when Create A Zone

You need to install rndc on the designate node (wherever designate-worker is running) to allow designate control the bind server.

2018-03-07 12:30:02 -0500 commented answer designate multiple mx records

Yeap - each recordset has multiple records.

Newer versions of the client will allow multiple "--record" flags as well, e.g.:

openstack recordset create --record '10' --record '20' --type MX

which should make it clearer

2018-03-07 12:28:16 -0500 answered a question private dns - multiple servers with identical names/hostnames

It will allow duplicate names. DNS allows multiple IPs for the same A/AAAA recordset.

2017-05-08 10:46:51 -0500 answered a question How to install Designate on CentOS

The guides have been updated -

2017-05-08 10:42:13 -0500 answered a question When does create/delete record in Designate take effect?

Designate is not instant, but it does not require any additional events.

What we do is update zone information via Zone Transfer - this means that it can take time for all DNS servers to become consistent.

The time it takes will depend on the server used, how many there is, and what networking conditions are like between the DNS server and the Designate services.

When a Zone or RecordSet has a status of "ACTIVE" it has been fully propagated to all servers.

2016-05-28 04:26:59 -0500 answered a question Designate-Dashboard Openstack-Ansible

Currently there is no ansible module for the dashboard plugin, but the steps detailed in the readme should be be transferable to a playbook directly.

2016-05-28 04:23:05 -0500 answered a question Neutron-Nova-Designate integration supported in Liberty?

No, unfortunately that is a new feature in Mitaka, so is not available in Liberty.

There is some limited integration available from the Designate side in Liberty, by listening to the notifications event queue, and using the designate-sink component.

2016-03-04 07:54:31 -0500 answered a question Designate: How is multitenancy achieved and how to use designate as nameserver in OpenStack VMs


Currently there is one (or more in Mitaka) pools of servers shared between all the tenants. We prevent users from registering sub or super domains of other users on the system, and allow only a domain to be use once only (there can only be one on each pool)

Designate in OpenStack VMs:

This is work that merged in mitaka in nova and neutron.

Designate Sink:

The current implementation of the sample handlers in sink does require all records to be in the same domain. Sink was designed to be extended for each persons use case - it has a plugin model that allows deployers to write code to do exactly what they want.

2016-03-04 07:48:17 -0500 answered a question Swift Designate

Not currently - but I know designate would be interested in doing an integration like that.

Most of the work would probably be in swift, so it would need to be proposed as a feature there.

2015-11-24 14:45:02 -0500 answered a question designate - domain list queries

What sort of changes do you need to make?

There is a few places that changes may need to go, depending on what the changes are.

2014-05-23 08:18:47 -0500 answered a question dns api call

You are using the wrong version of the API.

In v1 - domains are called domains

(eg $url:$port/v1/domains )

In v2 they are zones

(eg $url:$port/v2/zones )

also, your post data is wrong, the domain needs the trailing . at the end like

    "name": "",
    "ttl": 3600,
    "email": ""
2014-03-24 06:43:24 -0500 answered a question Openstack DNSaaS options for Havana

At the moment, Designate is not packaged by anyone. We have a ppa if you are running ubuntu, but that's about it.

For the floating IP entries, that should be easy enough with a basic heat template to call our API.

We have basic auto provisioning for Nova / Neutron, but for most use cases you would need to write a plugin that uses out sink handler to create entries.

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2014-02-12 09:15:08 -0500 commented answer Does Heat allow for in place upgrades of instances

Thats what I thought. I was looking at using the Heat Metadata service to provide info to a config management tool (salt, puppet etc) that could update boxes, without having to replace the image (and avoiding the issue above)

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2014-02-11 19:28:51 -0500 answered a question Reference Architecture to use Savanna in production environments
2014-02-11 19:06:52 -0500 asked a question Does Heat allow for in place upgrades of instances

Does heat allow you to upgrade instances to newer versions, without destroying the instance?

2014-02-11 19:02:41 -0500 commented answer software as a service implementation

Well, offering applications that are currently designed to be run on single servers as a service (aka using a turnKey image with something like Heat to deploy as customers sign up is also SaaS - its a very broad definition)

2014-02-11 07:39:20 -0500 answered a question DNS solution or when will designate be integrated

Designate is not integrated with Openstack(yet)

You can install designate along side your current install, and have this provided, but it may required some extra code to provide the domain name format you would like.

Drop into #openstack-dns on , there is usually a few of us in there that can answer most of your questions


2014-02-11 07:32:50 -0500 answered a question software as a service implementation

It would help to have some sort of information on what sort of software as a service you are trying to do:

  • Single installed piece of software that all users share
  • Software that boots a new environment for each new user
  • How you plan on it scaling?
2014-02-11 06:56:10 -0500 commented answer Why would I want to use DNSaaS (Designate) over a traditional bind/nsupdate setup?

A framework for 3 is in place - we have a demo sink service, that takes events from nova, and can action them. If you wanted to use it, you would just have to extend this service to ensure the FQDN is what you wanted.

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