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2014-10-16 00:53:50 -0600 marked best answer How to check if the keystone repository in git is cloned in devstack ?

Hi, In order to set up a federated keystone in devstack, I am following the below steps.

Setting up federation in a devstack environment.

  1. Install dependency for SAML authentication module.

The python module dm.xmlsec.binding is used by the SAML module in the federated code for handling signatures on the requests.

It can be downloaded from

  1. Modify the stackrc script with the correct keystone repository: The URL is The latest branch is kent-federated-april

  2. Modify the libs/keystone script so that the following line: cp -p $KEYSTONE_DIR/etc/keystone.conf.sample $KEYSTONE_CONF specifies the example config file provided alongside these instructions

  3. Modify the example config file to point to your request signing key if SAML Identity providers will be used, this is specified in the following section of the config file:

[federated] requestSigningKey = /Users/kwss2/test/keystone/cert/privkey.pem SPName = KeystoneClientSecure

My querries are : 1. How do I know now if the devstack keystone is federated and making use of the files from this git keystone repository ? 2. I am a bit confused with the 4th step, I am using SAML identity providers but what does that change mean and where to do it ? 3. After finishing all the above steps, when I try to run the example script by typing python , I am getting an error stating "no such file or directory"

Thank you

2014-09-09 01:50:54 -0600 marked best answer Need to install horizon test environment


can someone tell me if the following link adviceable to set up a horizon test environment ? I need to provide federated access to horizon,

Thank you in advance

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2014-07-15 04:42:04 -0600 marked best answer Modify Horizon to provide federated access

I am planning to modify federated access to horizon as a part of my MSc project please help me with where to head after installing devstack and enrolled in github ? I need to find the complete code of horizon with documentation as well . Please help me where do I find it ?

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2014-04-25 12:28:51 -0600 marked best answer How to override the default setting of keystone configuration ?


I am trying to override the default configuration of Keystone server, within the /etc/keystone/keystone.conf. But however when i make the changes in that file and try running the ./ in devstack the previous endpoint in the [default] is getting overriden with the default values like below

admin_endpoint =
public_endpoint =
admin_token = anna

Even if I comment the endpoints above, they get the default value pushed into the configuration file from somewhere in devstack. I tried to run keystone service alone and that looks good. It is not overriding the endpoints. Can you please help me on how to remove the above two lines and stack it in a way it is not getting the default values.

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2014-01-23 18:44:39 -0600 marked best answer best way to use IRC


Can someone help me in which is the best way to use IRC openstack ? Is it always better to use it through the free node access or is it adviceable to download an IRC client ? If so please suggest me the better client software. As of now I am using it through the free node all the chat is getting deleted once I log out. I kindly request someone to suggest me with an idea since I am new to this.

2014-01-12 17:51:38 -0600 asked a question how to usually add the 3rd party authentication plugin in horizon?


Do we actually use django-social auth plugin to allow 3rd party authentication on Horizon ? If it is the case, can someone please explain the steps involved briefly ? And I am planning to use a 3rd party that uses SAML authentication protocol. Please advise

Thank you


Deepak Selvaraj

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2014-01-04 17:05:06 -0600 asked a question Better way to redirect the user from horizon after authentication


I have configured devstack with a federated authentication plugin, currently I am confused in redirecting the user after authentication with the third party server. Steps I am planning to do

  1. Store the details of my client such as a certificate, name and the redirect-url in the opensaml server which holds the list of idp's (google,fb..etc)
  2. Specify the callback-url in as http://localhost/auth/login/ and set this same url in the server as redirect-url (mentioned above).
  3. Will this successfully redirect the user after authentication to the usual dashboard ?

I really need some help to finish this step to make the horizon work with a 3rd party authentication, i have the modified modules especially and in

Thank you



2013-12-28 09:30:52 -0600 asked a question Doubt in the redirect url to be saved in the federated server

Hi Stackers,


I am almost about to finish this part of federation ( ), I have got few queries can you help please. I am saving the details of horizon in the server that helps in federation in order to treat horizon as a trusted service. The following are the details

  1. in keystone.conf

    the request signing key is replaced with a new privatekey.pem which has its pair (publickey.pem) stored in the server SP name is saved as fedhorizon

  2. I have created a new function named federated_horizon() in to which the redirection takes place after authentication


My query is

  1. Do we need to use the existing admin url http://localhost/admin/ to redirect the user after authentication or do I need to use a new function in as above(federated_horizon) and receive the response ?
  2. I executed a script and got the external idp added in the keystone service catalog but, when i view it in the dashboard the service is not holding the endpoint in its table unlike the other services, please find the attached screenshot. Is it because of the default configuration in devstack ? if is it so how do i change it ?

Thank you

2013-12-28 09:28:15 -0600 answered a question How to override the default setting of keystone configuration ?


This is sorted by following the steps in

Thank you

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