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2015-01-30 08:28:07 -0600 asked a question ceph osd map output weird

This is weird, no matter what I typed the object name (even the object is not existing), ceph osd map still got output with PG number!?
ceph osd map is supposed to find pg for object in pool
See below:
Does it a known bug?
Or it will calculate the PG if an object is not existed in the pool

root@ceph_mon01# ceph osd map mypool hellothisisodd
 osdmap e782991 pool 'mypool' (22) object 'hellothisisodd' -> pg 22.3dc0d6fd (22.16fd) -> up ([4,13,8], p4) acting ([4,13,8], p4)


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2014-03-30 23:20:30 -0600 answered a question Question regarding Install Guide

maybe you can try to make a default route to network node as it directly connected to Internet

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2014-01-23 18:43:33 -0600 marked best answer Quantum IPv6 support in Grizzly and beyond?

I am planning to upgrade my Folsom(with nova-network) to Grizzly, but one of my concern is whether the Grizzly with Quantum can work on IPv6.

I know IPv4/IPv6 dual stack mode works with VlanManager and FlatDHCPManager networking modes. Does anyone know how to deploy IPv6 in Grizzly/Quantum and really working???

2014-01-23 00:34:09 -0600 asked a question Havana running IPv6?

I was trying to deploy Havana version with IPv6, but it seems not working at all. I have gone through the articles from Nephos6, it also state that IPv6 in Havana is not working with its original source codes and installation. Instead it has to do plenty of modification.

is the answer that IPv6 not supported in Havana version???

IPv6 NOT Ready in OpenStack Havana:


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2013-10-23 19:54:56 -0600 commented answer Cinder provider location address

I also got the same problem, this solution works for me. Thanks!

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2013-10-10 01:19:00 -0600 answered a question glance install - cannot find schema properties file

it works after dropping the database and recreated it

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2013-09-11 03:59:29 -0600 asked a question How VM connects to physcial SAN storage?

I have a technical question about establishing a connection between VM and iSCSI IP SAN device in Grizzly Quantum environment.

My current deployment of Folsom (nova-network) is that, a VM is now connected with a physical SAN storage through iSCSI/Cisco switch with private IP (10.0.0.X) by VLAN tagging environment. It relies on hardware VLAN truck mode in Cisco Switch and it works fine

Now I’m going to switch to Grizzly with Quantum environment, all network environment will be relied on software/GRE connection. How does a VM connect to a physical SAN storage.

For example: • a running VM with private IP • iSCSI SAN storage with private IP • a Cisco Switch

Since each project can also create same subnet with, how the VM can specifically connect to the SAN storage without collusion to other project? Thank you so much!

2013-09-04 23:30:43 -0600 answered a question VM internal network broken after compute restart.

You may need to manually restart the instance. go to specific compute-node where the VM seating in,

get the list of instances, and find the one you want to reboot

virsh list

destory the said instance

virsh destroy [id]

Now go to the instance's folder

cd .../instances/instance-00000XXX

There is a xml file 'libvirt.xml', # re-create the instance

virsh create libvirt.xml
virsh list
virsh dumpxml [id] > domain.xml
virsh define domain.xml
rm domain.xml

finally reboot the instance from dashboard

Hope this work for you!

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2013-08-28 21:31:33 -0600 answered a question Openstack instance status error

It maybe the original image size larger than total disk you set

2013-08-21 04:30:40 -0600 marked best answer OpenvSwitch vs Ryu plugin

Does anyone know what are the differences between OVS plugin and Ryu for Quantum/Neutron? Which one is better?

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2013-08-21 02:42:29 -0600 answered a question What happen when I Create instance

Here is a good reference URL you can find how each component communicate and work together

2013-08-21 01:09:51 -0600 commented question How do you make the iptables work compatibly with Open Vswitch?

我現在想用iptables來控制虛擬機,但它OpenvSwitch似乎不能與iptables好好運作。 “OpenStack安全性群組(secuirty group)”的功能似乎已經解決了這個問題,這是怎麼做到的?

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2013-08-20 02:27:23 -0600 commented question Error while configuring Keystone

Please state what question you are asking? thanks

2013-08-19 03:31:43 -0600 answered a question Looking for an OpenStack monitoring tool

Nagios is also a good choice

2013-08-19 03:23:37 -0600 commented question vCPU vs Physical CPU

what do you suggest? I have no idea!

2013-08-19 03:11:03 -0600 marked best answer vCPU vs Physical CPU

How does OpenStack/KVM set the number of vCPUs based on the physical CPU on the physical machine?

In my case, I have two different model of Intel CPU, Xeon E5645 and Xeon E5-2690 for my compute-node servers:

I checked Intel website, there is 6 cores in Xeon E5645 while Xeon E5-2690 has 8 cores.

In the 'compute_nodes' table, it shows that there are 12 vCPU for the machine with Xeon E5645; whereas there are 16 vCPU in Xeon E5-2690.

--> It seems that the ratio is 1:2

How does it calculate?

Can I adjust it?