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I tried, and also this solution doesn't work. I am using VMs for one compute node and controller node. Once I powered off the machine, this problem raised...

2014-01-13 19:08:58 -0500 answered a question Havana Dashboard internal server error ?


I encountered the same problem. Here's the solution, First, you have to make sure that your apache is working well. by navigating only to http://controller Controller is your serverName based on havana guide. If you found "It works" message in the web page, so you are sure that apache is working fine and the problem is mainly on . Second, you have to make sure of the number of spaces used in [CASHES]. I recommend you update the existing one, instead of completely writing it from scratch. One thing is also very important, that the ALLOWED_HOSTS = ['', ''] , should have single quote.. if you remove it. you will have an internal error.

Hope it will help you.