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thanks for your kind-heart, Bernd. 1. as your comments, swift is owned by Glance. images will be divided into may objects. So the owner or the account of the specific objects is service, but the owner of images is admin. 2. 1/2 represent as dev of node, like disks, both belong to one object server.

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Dear masters,

Recently I dig into swift and glance. 2 questions puzzled me here: 1) I found there are 2 kinds of default project in Openstack: admin and services. I upload one image which owner is admin. I configure it as container_format: bare. As u know the image will be located in /var/lib/glance/node instead of /var/lib/glance/images that I have configured Swift as the backend of Glance. but I use the command: swift-object-info to check the detail of the object, I found the container of this object is Glance, the account of this object is services, instead of admin. is that correct? as I imagine the account of this object should be the same as the owner of the image: admin?

2) under the path: /var/lib/glance/node, I found 2 sub-directory: 1 and 2, what are they used for? http:// (image description), does it represent 2 object-servers seperately?

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swift has 3 kinds of server: account-server, container-server and object-server. The container-server will provide object-metadata(if applicable), mantain the lists of objects. All of these info will be stored in containerDB.