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2020-06-22 17:05:06 -0500 asked a question openstack swift slow LAN downloads

hi guys, hope you're all keeping well. i have a random slow download time on some files, which happens randomly across all my cluster. usually its pretty quick.

here's some of the stats (i'm testing the download of the same 64kb file every 10 mins in a cron job)...

usually i see good throughput (mbps) but when i see the very slow download, i see very low mpbs figures...

here's an example of 3 quick uploads during my script but one of the uploads is very slow and very low throughput mbps. the last download, the mbps drops off a cliff!

DC1 Swift Node 4 smallfileupload [auth 0.017s, headers 0.120s, total 0.120s, 0.610 MB/s]

DC1 Swift Node 5 smallfileupload [auth 0.018s, headers 0.933s, total 0.934s, 0.069 MB/s]

DC1 Swift Node 6 smallfileupload [auth 0.018s, headers 0.032s, total 0.032s, 4.547 MB/s]

DC 2 Swift Node 1 smallfileupload [auth 0.023s, headers 10.156s, total 10.162s, 0.006 MB/s]

2020-05-28 10:08:38 -0500 asked a question Disabling object versioning in a Swift 2.3.0

if i remove the allow_versions = true flag from the container config swift 2.3.0, are all archive containers flagged for deletion?